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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bedroom Makeover 101 Part III

Welcome to Part III of the makeover I've been doing on our third-floor guest bedroom with the ceilings and slopes from hell.  If you want to see what I'm referring to, check out Part I HERE and Part II HERE.

So far I've covered paint, wallpaper, window treatments and carpeting.  Today I'm writing about furnishing a room with a small door opening that measures only 27" across when the door is fully open.  Keep in mind the average doorway is 32" x 80" when it comes to moving furniture in and out of a space.

The first challenge was to find a comfortable, off-the-shelf chair that would fit through the door and still be affordable.  Keeping in mind I live in a very small town with very few places to shop and no second-hand stores, I lucked in with this gorgeous number that just happened to be 50% off and 27" across at its widest point.
With a lot of effort and nearly needing a shoehorn, I squeezed it through the doorway without damaging it or the fresh paint on the door jamb.  The lamp beside it was a fabulous find on an on-line local ad for only $30.  Its height can be adjusted up or down to fit the ceiling slope.

The biggest challenge for me was deciding on what size bed would fit this difficult room.  At first I thought I would be limited to a double bed under the window because there is only 24" of straight wall on the sides of the room.  Then I discovered low-profile box springs at our local BRICK STORE!  With a height of only 4", suddenly I had the option of placing the head of the bed under the slope and going as wide as a king if I wanted.

I opted for this queen Beautyrest Mattress with Low-Profile Box spring in a creamy beige which was being discontinued so instead of $2300, I paid only $1079 with delivery!  A definite bargain and exactly the color I would have chosen to go with the room. 

To customize the height, my dad made 6 hardwood blocks that I attached to each corner with two in the center to support the bed.  It not only gave me the option of choosing the height and dark stain but looks much more designer than standard frames with metal wheels.  Thanks Dad!!

And check out the two solid wood bedside tables from Sears that were on sale and the perfect height.  They came with dark metal knobs but I like the look of these retro-inspired glass pulls better.

Stay tuned!  Next comes the pretty and one more piece of furniture that is on order!!

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Unknown said...

Great Post!!
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Simply Suthern said...

Nice job. 27 inches is quite the challenge furniture wise. The room looks cozy. Does anyone ever sleep up there?