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Friday, May 10, 2013

Bedroom Makeover 101 Part II

If you checked out my post from May 6th, I published photos of a spare bedroom we have on the third floor where I'm currently in the process of doing a complete makeover.

So far, I have covered the blue walls (took four coats of paint!) with a nice creamy yellow shade and added this pretty wallpaper (was 50% off!) to the window wall:

I also added this super soft plush carpet (was $23 per square yard but they gave me a discount to $20 per):

Here's a peek of how it looks with new silk drapes (two panels for only $12 from a local online ad!) and a rich chocolate brown bamboo roller shade (also from a local online ad for only $10!).  I've also had the carpet cut for a custom fit that leaves about a 2" border over the light beige tile floors.  It isn't obvious in this photo but in person, it adds warmth and texture.

A simple design trick I did was to hang the blind about 12" above the top of the window to add height to the room and give the illusion of a much bigger window. When all four walls in a room are straight instead of slanted, you can achieve this same illusion by hanging display rails  near the top of the walls or wall and then hanging artwork or photos.

In case you didn't catch my first post, here is how the room looked when I started.

Tomorrow a queen mattress and box spring is scheduled to arrive and the two end tables I ordered are waiting to be picked up.

Stay tuned, more photos of this amazing makeover are coming!!

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