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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missed Opportunity?? - Probably!

So we have had company from New Zealand for the last eight days and was a great opportunity for information on hormone replacement missed? Probably!

You see, the couple visiting are both physicians, he's a pharmacologist who teaches medical students about drugs and she's a dermatologist.  Did I take the opportunity to pick his brain about bio-identical hormones versus synthetic??  Not really.  As much as I would have loved to have had an in depth discussion on this controversial topic over a couple of bottles of wine, I didn't bring it up.  There is just something I find very uncomfortable about asking professionals who are friends questions about their work and opinion on it, kind of like taking advantage of them. Wish I didn't though, what a great opportunity it would have been if only he had been the one to bring it up!  What are the chances of that though!  Not very high.

On the other hand, I did talk to her about this ugly brown pigmentation on my face probably from sunbathing in my teen years.  Of course, anyone familiar with pregnancy mask can relate to how dark this spot got a few years ago when I was pregnant. I think it has only been the last year, it has finally faded a bit.  I went to a dermatologist here, an old guy who told me that the best he could offer was a fading cream. I could tell by the state of his own skin that he certainly wasn't in to the cosmetic end of his training. So I asked my visiting dermatologist, somehow it's just easier to talk about things with other women whether in the office or out.  She told me she could easily get rid of it with a high-pulse laser. Too bad she left that machine back in New Zealand!  I guess if I stay around here, I'll just have to either find a good concealer or learn to love it! For now Love It will have to do.

Of course having company for eight straight days meant that any exercise or healthy eating plans went right out the window and did I mention how much wine we drank?? So here I sit right back at square one - giving off hot flashes like a lighthouse beacon and suffering from insomnia.  Yes, that lovely little side affect of menopause has caught up with me as well as waking up with night sweats.  What a joy I must be to sleep with now! I woke up so overheated last night, I'm surprised the smoke detector didn't pick it up! Felt like I was suffocating. Checked the calendar and my appointment with my own doctor isn't for 6 weeks. What a wreck I'll be by then.

So here I am starting again to get some order in to my daily life as well as get back on the exercise and healthy eating bandwagon. Could be worse though, things are getting back to normal, my daughter is having a great summer while I just drag my ass around trying to keep up. Is there light at the end of this long tunnel, I sure hope so!!!