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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Minute Memorial Day Style!

Time for Ian's Monday Minute and this week, it's all about Memorial Day.

And to remind everyone about Duck Fest, we are all showing off this sweet little button. To raise funds, I'll be hosting a Giveaway right here for a Genuine Ruby and Diamond Pendant so be sure to get those entries in between June 3rd and June 8th!!  Details and photos are Here!

Now Ian has questions and Meno Deb's got some answers:

1.  Have you or a family member joined the military? 
I've not but I have two uncles and a brother-in-law who signed up.

2.  Have you or a family member served his/her country in times of war?
One uncle served in the Korean War.

3.  What's you favorite BBQ food?
My dad's famous hamburgers, hot off the grill, YUM!!!

4.  Do you fart in public?

5.  What's the one question that if it shows up on a Monday Minute, you refuse to take part?
Obviously, "Do you fart in public?"

And there you have the latest installment of Ian's Monday Minute

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

10K Gold Ruby Diamond Heart Pendant Giveaway for JD's Scholarship Fund!

When I heard about the chance to raise money for JD's Scholarship Fund, I went directly to my online jewelry store to find a piece to donate. And what a gorgeous piece I found to offer you the chance to win!!

Want to know more about this pendant?

Well let's see, it Vintage, it's in Excellent Condition, it's
10K Yellow Gold and it has two rows of
Genuine Rubies with each heart holding a sparkling
Genuine Diamond.
Size is 3/8" x 1/2"
Estimated Value is between $125 and $150!!!

Want to know how to enter for a chance to win it?

It's so easy, between June 3rd and June 8th each Comment/Entry you leave on this post will cost $1 with each Comment/Entry giving you a chance to win.  You can enter as many times as you wish as long as you pay $1 for each Comment/Entry you leave.

All donations will go directly to JD's Scholarship Fund.

Here are the photos:
How pretty! Who doesn't love rubies and diamonds!!!
Look how clever this was designed.  It's a slide pendant with two openings at the top for feeding your chain through.
And here on the back, you can see that 10K Gold Stamp so you know this is a quality piece!
I Just had to add one more photo of the front, how gorgeous!!!

Here is the Donate Button where you buy your entries for your chance to win!!

Winner will be chosen using the Random Number Generator and will be announced on June 9th.  Good Luck Everyone, what a wonderful cause your donations are going to!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hubs is Still A Klutz!!

One thing about being married is it gives me a chance to laugh..... a lot. My husband is an absolute klutz and cracks me up on a daily basis, some days a lot more than others. Those of you who have been around a while and know he's a doctor can breathe a huge sigh of relief safe in the knowledge that at least he's not a surgeon.

The little "incident' I'm writing about today happened a while back and the thought of it and the look on his face still cracks me up.

First, let me set the scene for just a minute. We have an open-concept kitchen, family and dining room so anything he gets up to in the kitchen is in plain sight for me whether I'm watching TV, talking on the phone or blog surfing.

So back to our story. Hubby bought himself a huge, juicy watermelon, one of his favorite treats. He goes out to the kitchen one evening during the commerical break of one of his sports shows and cuts himself a huge slab of watermelon and plunks it down on a big dinner plate.

He then turns on his heel to head back to his favorite spot on the couch with his snack and walks by the kitchen light switch where he tries to hit it on his way by. Noticing that he missed the switch, he stops short, backs onto one heel to catch that light switch but guess what happened to that slippery watermelon on his plate?

It kept right on going and off the edge of his plate. Now if it had just landed on the floor, I would have laughed,  but no. This big, airborne slab of watermelon dropped with a huge thud into the bottom of our copper wood bucket where it got covered with loose bark and twigs from the wood we used to make the fire in our wood stove that evening.

Do you think I laughed hysterically? Oh yeah, the look on his face with his jaw hanging open, looking down at that empty plate and then into that filthy wood bucket had me doubled over.

Smooches Hubby!  I love a good laugh!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fabulous Savvycents Wallet Review -Check This Out!!!

One thing I've noticed since having my daughter is how disorganized I have become. So when I had the opportunity to try out a new wallet that promised to organize all the paper and money that I had jammed into my purse, I jumped at it!  And I'm so glad that I did!  Now that everything has a place, I can easily and quickly locate whatever I'm looking for!!

This stylish wallet is not only functional but also cute and fashionable.

On the function front, it contains everything you need to get organized with room for either monthly or weekly budgeting. The flexible accordion style file system inside the wallet separates all your paper by category whether you're carrying money, coupons, receipts, lists etc. And this clever wallet comes with pre-printed file cards as well as blank labels so you can customize your wallet to your own specific needs. And to make sure that your change is easily accessible, there is a zippered coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet. 

Everything is neat and easily accessible with 6 pockets for debit, credit and store discount cards. On the opposite side there is a spot for your driver’s license and even a place for your checkbook.  Closes securely with a sturdy zipper to keep everything in its place.

And when you don't want to lug around your entire purse, this wallet makes a stylish clutch being 8" x 4" in size and it's available in 3 colors you are going to want to show off. There is Basic Black,  Deep Red and the perfect shade of Pink.  All are in a glossy patten finish. 

Any one who is tired of losing and searching for items in their purse needs this wallet!!  You can read more about Savvycents For The Fashionably Frugal and order this wallet at  for only $24.99 + tax/shipping (when applicable).

And of course a smart wallet like this was designed by a woman.  Melinda Claudepierre is the President and Creator of the Savvycents Wallet and works from home where she cares for her three children. She has been married to her husband Jon for 13 years.

I love this wallet!!  Thank you so much Melinda for the opportunity to use it and review it!

*I received this wallet in order to do an honest review and I was not compensated for my opinion*
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You and We Have A Winner!!!

This Giveaway was so much fun to put together and what a great way to say "Thank You" to all of you who continue to read me and comment even though I spend the best part of my day with my 4-year-old daughter. And because of that time with her, she is now anxious to learn to read. Seems every sign or book we see, I am constantly hearing "What does that say?" So now the time has come to teach her to read so she doesn't wear me out.

Just for the record, I've ordered the "Hooked on Phonics Reading" series for ages 4 - 6 and I'll let you know what I think of it. Nope, I bought this one myself, no one asked me my opinion and even if they had, I would tell it straight up. One thing about menopause, you tell it like it is without caring what anyone thinks. Wish I had had "balls" like this in my twenties!

Let me get back on track here, I'm supposed to be announcing a winner, not talking about "Hooked on Phonics" (that's another thing about menopause)

So using a Random Number generator, I hope you will join me in Congratulating

Suzicate from The Water Witch's Daughter!!

who has won this personalized Giveaway of Clinique Products and Vintage Jewelry!

Thank you to everyone who entered and I think I might just do this again soon. I have been collecting Vintage Jewelry for years and have an attic full of it so if you like the idea of these personalized Giveaways, let me know!!

And since we will be away for the weekend, I won't be on line again until Monday so here's hoping you all have a Wonderful Weekend!!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Favorite "Go Green" Cleaning Tip!

One thing that used to bug the crap out of me was how my good stainless steel pots and pans would look after what I thought was a good cleaning. It didn't matter if I used dish soap and water, just water or ran them through our dishwasher, we've all seen this look.
I tried special targeted cleaning products to remove this "oil slick" but I was still not satisfied with the result and worried that the chemicals from those products would find their way into our next meal. 

Then I read an article about cleaning stainless steel pots. The solution they offered was so simple. You know what they suggested? A simple, natural lemon. So I tried it.
Can you believe the way this ordinary 1/2 lemon removed that residue? No muscle involved, just a quick wipe with the open half and the juice that dripped out of that completely "natural" lemon.

Here's how my old skillet looked after a quick rinse.
If it wasn't for the scratches, you would swear it was brand new and I can tell you, it's "squeaky clean" and "lemon fresh"!

This works better than any other method I've tried and is so simple it's embarrassing. I just keep that 1/2 lemon in a plastic container in my fridge so it doesn't end up in my next meal of fresh fish.

If you've got a scuzzy buildup in the bottom of your stainless pots and pans, try this. You'll be pleasantly surprised and not an "engineered" chemical in sight to contaminate your next meal!

By the way, you will find our cute little "Green Stamp of Approval" button over at Erin's of The Mother Load today where she is hosting another fabulous "Green" Giveaway so  be sure to check it out! And Big Sis of Speaking of Witch is displaying our darling little button for a Green Post she did. Details are Here.

And if you have a favorite "Green" cleaning tip, don't keep it to yourself, share it! Either tell us in the comments or better yet, grab our "Green Stamp of Approval Button" and do a post for us!

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clinique & Vintage Jewerly Giveaway to Say "Thank You" (CLOSED)

You guys have been so supportive during these last three months, you continue to read and comment on my blog even though the time I spend with my four-year-old daughter leaves me little time to read your blogs and comment back.

I've missed the day-to-day interaction with "adults" but I have to say the benefits to me and my daughter are priceless. And because I'm using that valuable time with her, she is reading and recognizing words, her art skills are amazing and she is just like a little sponge, so eager to learn whatever lesson we decide to work on that day. This is one little girl who will be at the top of her kindergarten class when the time comes (which I know will feel like tomorrow, time is going so fast)!

So to say "Thank You",  I thought it would be fun to sponsor my own Giveaway of some terrific Clinique products that are hot off the press! I received these as a bonus just a few days ago and thought they would be perfect to give to one of you.
And rather than do the "list your giveaway all over the place for attention", I'm just sharing it here. It's for you who read me when you find the time. No conditions, you don't even need to follow my blog. It doesn't matter which country you live in. ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED! 

Those of you who have been here a while know that collecting vintage jewelry is my other passion (besides bitching!) and I wanted to include some pieces in this Giveaway to compliment these skin care products. In keeping with the bronze theme, I have selected jewelry that will show off your glowing bronzed skin to the maximum! Beautiful gold tone pieces with enamel detailing dating back to the early 1980's and all in excellent condition! First though, the Clinique products:

2 FL.oz of Clinique Step 2 Clarifying Lotion
.5 oz Clinique Moisture Surge
1.4 FL.oz Clinique Self Sun Body Daily Moisturizer (light/medium)
.34 FL.oz Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator
All are brand new sample sizes that are sealed and ready for you to enjoy.

Now on to the Fabulous Vintage Jewelry!!!

20" long, nice and wide herringbone necklace in polished gold tone 
6 1/2" Link bracelet with carmel, grape and raspberry enamel centers 
This pretty bracelet comes with matching drop earrings for pierced ears
 Large tropical bird brooch with brown and black enamel detail

Want to enter this special Personalized Giveaway? Just leave one comment on this post that either links back to your email or spell out your email address so I can contact you. Giveaway begins NOW and ends Thursday, May 13th at midnight EST.  Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.  GOOD LUCK! And I want to wish you all a

Happy Mother's Day
And especially you Mum, You're the Best!!!
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Friday, May 7, 2010

We Have A Winner!!!

A big "Thank You" goes out to each of you for putting your face out here in the comments for the chance to win this DVD set targeted at those of us who are perimenopausal or going through menopause.  I've never been one to shy away from admitting that I'm postmenopausal, I mean seriously, I think the name of my blog pretty much spells it out for everyone in big LETTERS!

So let's move on and announce our winner:

The 2 DVD Set
 "Menopause In An Hour" and "What's Up With You Know Who?"

goes to:  Shelley of You've Got Style

Congratulations Shelley! Help is on the Way!

For those of you who are suffering with the uncomfortable symptoms of perimenopause or menopause and want the latest information and treatment options, "Menopause In An Hour" has the answers you need!

Visit their website where you can order these DVDs and learn how to live your healthiest and happiest life!

A BIG Thank You goes out to the kind folks at Menopause In An Hour for sponsoring this giveaway!
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Pssst!!  Check back tomorrow, I'm sponsoring a special Giveaway of some wonderful Clinique products and Vintage Jewelry!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Rocked With BlogRock!

Today, I want to do a big shout out for Mary of Blog Rock Graphic Design. Several of you have commented on how much you like the look of my blog and wanted to know who the talent behind my fun design is.  I wish I could take the credit but I'm one technically-challenged mom. I'm lucky to manage adding the odd button or link. So for those of you who are curious, I have to give all the credit for my snazzy looking blog to Mary.

And being as techy challenged as I am,  Mary has continued to be an absolute doll and still helps me out when I click something I shouldn't and mess up my blog or if I need help downloading something. Hell, the other day, she even helped out a fellow blogger who had her design done somewhere else! All this support she gives willingly and quickly.

For anyone who lacks computer skills or wants a completely original design, Mary is your gal and will work with you to create a fresh and fun look for your blog. She can create custom buttons or anything else to jazz up your design. And hey, she even drew my personalized cartoon from a photograph of me, how cool is that!

Keep on Rock'n Mary!! You're the best!!!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parking Lot Fails Miserably!

I wish I could say I was happy with the parking lot of that grocery store I blogged about last month. If you missed those posts, you can view the photos of the garbage I had to wade through just to get to the front door Here. The photos taken after the cleanup are Here.

That was last month.

Today I headed over there to pick up a few items and just like before, garbage was blowing everywhere, shopping carts full of paper and used coffee cups, plastic bottles rolling around and a newly emptied garbage can at the entrance with crap not only blowing around it but stuck under it.

It REALLY pissed me off.

The manager had promised me that his staff would be taking more responsibility in the cleaning and tidying up of the grounds and here it was looking like a damn garbage dump AGAIN!

Well, you can't argue with perfect timing. As I was standing there fuming at the mess, a middle-aged man came out of the store wearing a grey business suit and tie and sporting a name tag for the grocery store.

Well you know I just had to stop him!

I asked him if he was the manager hoping he was but couldn't believe my luck when he told me "No, I'm from Head Office, Is there something I can help you with today?"  


"As a matter of fact there is. I am so disappointed in the state of this entrance and the parking lot, the garbage that is blowing around in YOUR yard, the rubbish in the carts that I am expected to put the food I feed my family in blah, blah, blah" oh and I just had to mention that their competition only a few blocks up the street keep their grounds as neat as a golf course. I asked him if he would please take a look himself before leaving.

He thanked me for my concern and headed out to his car.

Well, I was still in the first set of doors strapping my daughter into one of the only "rubbish free" shopping carts left when I see him come barreling back in through the doors.

I stopped him and said "I hope you are going to do something about the garbage. I've called the manager about it twice"

Looking none too pleased, he said, "I'm on my way back up to his office right now to address it!"

Fingers crossed this is the guy who can bring down the hammer!!!

I'll let you know because if he's not, I'm going back with my camera and their head office is getting photos!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's "Go Green" With A Cute New Button!!

With the warmer weather finally here, you can bet that Yard Sale and Garage Sale signs will be popping up all over your neighborhood.

It's such a fun way to spend a morning or entire day and every sale you stop at is an adventure all on its own. You never know what you're going to find and most of the people hosting the sales or treasure hunting are outgoing and friendly.
And of course, don't forget that "Green" factor.

When you buy or sell pre-loved items, you are not only keeping them out of the landfills but you have saved the planet the resources and energy required to create a "new" one to replace this "gently used" one.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a coat of paint or a new fabric to dress up a vintage find and sometimes you can find the exact appliance or item you are looking for at a fraction of the price you would pay for new.

Want even more reasons to shop at Garage Sales and Thrift Shops?

Take a look at these pretty hoop earrings I picked up the other day at our local thrift store. I thought they were good quality but I got a hell of a shock when I used my magnifier and found the European stamp for SOLID 14K Gold on them. Talk about buy them on the spot!! Only $7.99 and these are NOT tiny, they are more than an inch in diameter, a hell of a bargain!!!
And this exquisite Victorian Mourning Necklace with genuine Seed Pearls and genuine Aquamarines all set in Solid Stamped 14K yellow gold? It was found at a yard sale in a plastic baggie mixed in with costume jewelry all for $1.00. Another wicked bargain!!!
It doesn't matter what you love, collect or are searching for, Yard Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Shops can be a great resource!

"One Man's Trash REALLY is Another Man's Treasure!"

And don't forget to take along your own reusable shopping bags!!!

Oh, and did you happen to notice that darling little "Go Green Stamp of Approval" button that was designed by our friend Lee? Talk about being "Cute as a Button!" Details of how you can show off this little beauty on your own blog can be found at Erin of The Mother Load so head over for a peek at her "Go Green" post to find out how Here.

And Tracie of Stir Fry Awesomeness is showing off this adorable button on a "Go Green" Post of her own. This gal's got talent and you can see what it is Here!

Now tell us in the comments, what are some of your favorite pre-loved finds and what are you doing to "Go Green"?
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Pssssst - If you haven't already entered my Giveaway of a 2-DVD Set "Menopause In An Hour" and "What's Up With You Know Who?" you can enter Here. Winner will be announced Friday, May 7.