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Friday, December 18, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Quick and Easy Ideas!

Today our mischievous little Elf on the Shelf has encircled one of my daughter's Ferblings with dominos.  She is sitting on the Domino case with the leftover pieces spread around her legs.

Cute and easy to adapt to many game pieces you may have on hand.  Only took a few minutes to set up and as long as you have a steady hand (I knocked over the dominos twice during the set up), quick and easy pose for your Elf on the Shelf.

Please check my blog archives for the month December 2014 and December 2015 for lots of sweet Elf on the Shelf ideas you can adapt for your own little elf.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Cute Ideas!

Today our little Elf on the Shelf is literally on a shelf reading the book "The Secret Life of Reindeer".  Cute pose made more realistic with her pink reading glasses and relaxed pose.

I found this cute tiny Christmas book at our local Dollar Store and thought it was just the right size for our Elf on the Shelf to pose with.  I used a pair of plastic doll glasses from my daughter's toys that are the perfect size for a secure pressure fit.

The book was a bit more tricky to set up.  I ended up using a single hole punch through a few pages at the front and at the end of the book.  I then slipped a tiny white Rainbow Loom rubber band through each hole and secured the elf hands to each side of the book through each band.  It balanced nicely on her lap while she is sitting in this relaxed pose with one leg stretched out on a text book and the other dangling freely.

Adorable pose and a great spot to make finding her a lot more difficult tomorrow.

Check back, more ideas to come!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Fast and Simple Ideas!

Today our little Elf on the Shelf has tricked one of my daughter's stuffed animals and rolled it up in Christmas ribbon.

Another quick and easy idea when you're in a hurry and this one inspired by my last minute present wrapping today.  I had this wired ribbon and thought it would be fun to wrap a toy in it.  Again, simple rubber band around the abdomen of the toy provides a secure place to tuck the hands of the elf and looks like she's in the process of rolling the toy along.

Fast, simple and easy with things you probably have on hand this time of year.

Check back for more ideas, still almost a week to go!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Cute Ideas!

Another cute set up for our Elf on the Shelf.  Here she is posing in her new socks (snowing here tonight so she definitely needs them) with her face smiling through a flower picture frame that normally has my daughter's photo in it.

Super cute and easy to put together with any frame you have on hand.  If you have one that normally has a photo of one of your kids, even better.  As usual, I used Rainbow Loom rubber bands to hold her hands and legs in place.  Easy to blend in with her red and white.

Stay tuned for more ideas, the 24th is coming!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Cute and Easy Ideas!

This cute and easy set up will great my daughter when she gets up tomorrow morning.  Our little Elf on the Shelf will be sporting a new puffy vest (there is snow forecast for tonight so the perfect time to introduce a warm piece of clothing) while swinging from a curtain rod in our family room.

Super easy to set up, I used a toilet paper roll with some left-over birthday wrapping paper on it to add some color.  A simple piece of butcher twine is used to hang this swing and our elf sits easily in place once I secured her hands with a tiny, white Rainbow Loom elastic band.  The candy cane is a treat my daughter left for her tonight and nicely covers the elastic band.

Again, super easy and fast with high impact for your little ones.

Check back for more ideas for your Elf on the Shelf!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Looks like our little Elf on the Shelf outsmarted these two wise owls.  Not sure what card game they are playing but with four aces, our Elf on the Shelf is sure to win!

I found this cute miniature deck of playing cards at our local Dollar Store and thought they would be cute as part of our Elf on the Shelf adventures.  Use them for a game of elf solitaire or deal them up among some furry or feathered friends.  To secure the cards, I used a small piece of clear tape across the back.

Cute little set up to surprise my daughter in the morning and super easy.

Stay turned for more fast and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Fast and Easy Ideas!

Tonight I was looking for a quick and easy set up for our Elf on the Shelf and came up with this cute idea.

I chose a family photo and quickly sketched a head shot of our Elf on the Shelf sporting a pair of dark glasses to go with the theme of the photo.  Lastly, I placed the two markers by our elf and here she sits just waiting to show off her art work to my daughter in the morning.

More Elf on the Shelf ideas to come so check back!

Friday, December 11, 2015

More Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Saturday is the perfect week day for your Elf on the Shelf to leave a fun project for your kids.  This is the scene that will greet my daughter when she gets up today.

Super easy to put together with things you already have on hand and small amounts of decorations and icing tubes available at your local Bulk Barn store.

I purchased some plain Christmas gingerbread cookies (snowman and Christmas tree), a few tubes of gel icing and a small amount of gummies and candy silver balls.  After making a small batch of vanilla icing, I added food coloring to make three colors and decorated one of the trees on behalf of our elf.

To make a pretty display, I used a pedestal cake plate with lid and put the two plain gingerbread cookies in a clear bag.  Our Elf on the Shelf is perched on a silver candle holder with a cute sign that says "Your Turn".

I know my daughter will love this Christmas activity made much more special being hosted by her little Elf on the Shelf.

More ideas to come so check back!

More Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Today our little Elf on the Shelf showed up in a brand new tutu with matching slippers.  Here she strikes a pose while hanging off the pole of one of our tall lamps.  The white tablecloth hanging over the shade like stage curtains adds a nice touch.

Again, easy and fast idea for your Elf on the Shelf and if you don't want to buy her new clothes, she can strike this pose without them or you could use any doll clothes you have on hand that fit her.  If you're crafty, make a fluffy skirt out of toilet paper and tape.

Stay tuned, more Elf on the Shelf ideas to come!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

This morning our little Elf on the Shelf returned and brought along a nice assortment of Christmas bows.  As you can see, she wasted no time finding a toy to decorate.

I found a small bag of minuture bows at our dollar store and mixed them with some small and regular sized bows I had on hand.   After sticking them all over the stuffed toy's head, I stuck one on the hand of the elf to show who was doing the sticking.

Cute little scenario for our daughter to wake up to and she loved it!

More ideas to come so check back often!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Elf On The Shelf Ideas!

It's day two of visits from our Elf on the Shelf and this morning my daughter found her sitting on top of two upturned Furby boxes so she can watch over everything. 

One of the easiest poses but any toy box package would work.  This one happens to be perfect for our daughter who finds the Furbys creepy so great choice.   After removing the actual Furbys and hiding them (to keep them quiet), I used a little painter tape to stabilize the boxes.  Getting the elf to cover her mouth with one hand was easy using a white Rainbow Loom elastic.  The tiny red and white rubber bands are perfect for holding poses on your elf.

Check back for more Elf on the Shelf Ideas.  Lots more to come!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Today is the first day our little Elf on the Shelf made an appearance.  Here she is sitting atop our kitchen cupboards with a cute "Surprise" sign to the delight of our daughter.

I used a fancy candy dish with upturned lid for her to sit in so she could be easily seen from below.  Her legs are bent up in a sitting position with a red rubber band (to blend with her clothing) used to hold them in place.  I then tucked each of her hands into that same rubber band in front of her shins and then pleated her skirt into place.  The sign is a simple wooden skewer with cardboard cut in the shape of a flag taped on.  The skewer tucks nicely into her waist band.

More ideas to come as she causes chaos in our home this season!