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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old Relics and Duct Tape

What is it about this old bucket of bolts and hoses that I just can't part with? I've had this vacuum cleaner for more than 20 years going right back to my wild, crazy and independent single days.

Maybe that's the connection.

Could this old vacuum somehow symbolize that life and how it was sucked right out of me with the onset of middle age, marriage, motherhood and menopause? Is it now trapped somewhere deep inside this old vacuum among the dust and dirt?

I guess I've got issues.

Either way, in spite of having central vac roughed in for the past three years, I cringe every time my husband threatens to install a shiny new vacuum system and kick this old relic to the curb. I've even had the motor replaced and the worn out cord repaired.

Just like new, or so I thought. I was using it yesterday and wondered if the bag was full because I wasn't getting enough power. Then I felt the breeze on my hand and spied the damage where years of dragging the old thing around had finally caused the hose to separate from the top of the suction bar.

No problem, I went out last night and bought a nice big roll of duct tape. Hell, you can't even notice the repair, the tape is the same color as the hose and I've got the rest of the roll to keep right on taping it.

Good as new once again, at least for today!

Am I the only one who has an old appliance that they won't part with no matter how ridiculous it is to hang on to? How about your own duct tape stories. What have you used it to repair that should be put to rest in the nearest landfill?
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Krazy Glue Mishaps

Since the invention of Krazy Glue, I know there are countless stories of things that have accidently ended up superglued to the worse places. In my own family, it's my mum's side that has the superglue klutz and I know that anyone who has met her wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that.

So here's what happened:

My 60 something year old (at the time) uncle wears dentures. He wanted to save a few bucks and thought that he would repair the crack in the pink section that snugs up to the roof of his mouth himself. So he decided to use superglue to bond the two sides back together. He's holding his chops in one hand and has just laid a nice wide bead of superglue down the crack with the other when a housefly buzzing by skims the side of his forehead right over his eyebrow.

And if you don't see this accident waiting to happen let me spell it out for you. He brings up the hand that is still holding the repaired dentures to brush away the fly, just touches his forehead with them gluing the chops to his eyebrow while at the same time letting just enough superglue get airborne, into that eye sealing it instantly and leaving those chops dangling.

So after cutting his chops free, he tries everything he can think of that won't blind him to get that damn eye open, he gives up and heads to our local hospital emergency room for help. There, they managed to unstick the stuck eyelid and send him on his way less half an eyebrow but with two good eyes for the drive home.

So I'd like to know, what superglue mishaps have happened in your family? 

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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Very Best of Wardrobe Malfunctions

Last month, I shared an embarrassing story about a coworker and good friend of mine who ended up at work one day with a coat hanger entangled in the belt on the back of her Winter coat.  Anyone who wants to read that post can find it Here.

The best part of that post was definitely your comments. Many of you were quick to tell us your own embarrassing tales of "wardrobe malfunctions" so today I wanted to share a few of those great comments with everyone. Hope you are all going to be good sports about me blabbing here.

Before I do though, I wanted to share one of my own embarrassing moments. It was while wearing a pair of those stretchy black yoga pants. I was wearing them in the mall one day and it wasn't until I got home that I realized I had been wearing them inside out. You see, printed against the dark black background across my butt were the bright WHITE letters spelling out  "LARGE" Oh yes, you can bet that's one of the first things I check now before stepping out while wearing them Lol!

So here's a rundown of some of my favorite comments from that post:

BigSis found a pair of underwear in her pant leg at work;

Mae Rae found her kids socks hanging out of the collar of her sweater;

The Mommyologist  went out all day with a size sticker still on the front of her shirt right across her boobs;

Corrie had her skirt caught up in her underwear;

Jackie also had her skirt stuck in her undies but this time, at a job interview and GOT THE JOB!!

Kate walked down a line of her classmates in school with her skirt tucked into her tights too!

Suzicate said her hubby once felt a knot in the sleeve of his shirt and pulled out a pair of her panties

and lastly

Gayle told us that her hubby had a knee high fall out of his pants

Anyone else brave enough to share one of their own wardrobe stories? And please go visit these gals who were so willing to give us a giggle and tell them what good sports they are!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Better Side of Lost Luggage!

It finally arrived, Yes, I opened the mailbox the other day and inside just waiting for me to rip into it was that cheque (check if you are in the USA) reimbursing us for our lost luggage. A little recap, we left the Canadian subzero temperatures dressed in wool and winter boots and landed in 80 degree weather with no luggage for nearly two days, you can read about the entire mess Here.

United Airlines has already stepped up to the plate and very quickly reimbursed us $400 for forgetting our suitcases. And now, a cheque from Visa for over $900!!! Yes, they did come through, much to my surprise.

So here's what I've learned when packing for a trip, especially one to the USA (which had tighter restrictions for International flights thanks to that idiot who tried to torch his underwear a couple of months ago). Because of that same nutcase (who I hope at the very least burned his balls off!), we were not allowed carry ons when we flew for 17 hours to Hawaii. Since then, security has loosened up a bit but just in case, here is my top-five list for the next time I board any airplane:

1.  Next trip, I will make sure that every suitcase has a change of clothes for each of us. Last trip, only our daughter's suitcase made the flight so my husband and I had N-O-T-H-I-N-G for almost two days.

2.  Next trip, I will stuff a clean pair of undies into each of my bra cups. N-E-V-E-R again will I have to wear underwear for 17 hours of flying and then wait until THE NEXT DAY to get a clean pair because there are no stores open.

3.  Next trip, I will have a toothbrush in my purse. The 10 cent toothbrush they gave us as a substitute for our suitcases had bristles that were stronger than a toilet brush.

4.  Next trip, I will have the biggest bag of lollipops that security will allow so there is at least one for every child on that flight should any of them develop ear trouble. (you can read why Here)

5.  But most importantly, I will ALWAYS buy our airline tickets on the Visa Card that has the $500 Allowance for each of us should our luggage get lost!

As for the lost luggage during my husband's business trip a few days later, we are still waiting to hear back! (details are Here)

Got advice for anyone traveling or want to share a story of your own? Tell us in the comments! 

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Friday, March 12, 2010

To Tell Or Not To Tell...

We've all heard:

"A lady never tells her true age" 
"Never ask a woman how old she is"

Having my husband temporarily forget how old I am when he ordered my birthday cake earlier this week got me to thinking about age in general. I normally don't think about my age and obviously my husband doesn't either. Even though my birthday is in March, in my own mind I use January 1 of each year as a benchmark of how old I am. I guess in a way, that gives me a couple of months to try it out before it actually happens.

I have been honest about my age my entire life with the only exception being when I was 17 trying to pass for 19 so I could get into the dance clubs. I never had to lie about it again and it's been like that my entire life.

The only birthday that bothered me was when I turned 20. Somehow, in my mind at the time, turning 20 was that line in the sand that represented adulthood. Maybe I didn't think I was ready or maybe I  hadn't had enough time being a teen. Either way, that apprehension didn't last long and I've been comfortable with each and every birthday since. I've always been willing to volunteer what my age is or make whatever comment I felt like whether or not it gave away that "magic" number to others.

I've never been one to knock off a few years when the subject does come up. What is the payoff to tell someone you are 39 when you are 49? I'd rather be honest to at least give them the option to think:

"Hey, she looks good for 49."

rather than;
"She looks like hell for 39"

Maybe I'll change my mind as the years continue to creep up (God willing) but for now I wear each and every one of these 49 years like a neon sign. Each one represents another year of a life well lived and it is never lost on me that middle age and old age is a "privilege" that many will never get the opportunity to enjoy or experience.

So tell us, are you honest when asked about your age, do you avoid the question altogether or do you knock off a few years? Tell us in the comments, your secret is safe!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How Old Do You Think I Am?

"How Old Do You Think I Am?" This was a famous line from a television commercial during the late 1970's for those of you who are too young to remember it.

And that's exactly what popped into my head this week on my 49th birthday. You see, hubby was being a sweetheart and went out to pick up a cake for me on Monday night just in time for my birthday the following day.

I hadn't noticed the cake at first, he slipped out after dinner, told me there were a few groceries he wanted to pick up and took off. So he comes home about an hour later with the groceries and puts them away. I was drawing with our daughter and didn't pay much attention to what he was doing.

Later, I went into the kitchen to get something and noticed this pretty pink and white cake sitting on the counter.

I looked over at my husband who was watching TV and said "This cake is so pretty, but why does it say "39th?"

He looked up at me and I wish you could have seen the look that went across his face. Just this blank stare like a deer caught in headlights and then panic followed by:

"Oh my God! Why was I thinking you were 39? You're 49 this year......right? I don't know what made me tell them to put 39 on the cake! Shit, I just wasn't thinking!!"

I know my husband and this wasn't a joke, he was serious. I couldn't help but laugh knowing I really didn't care one way or the other. 39, 49, or 59 written in butter cream frosting was okay with me, as a matter of fact, if the cake had "Happy Birthday You Old Bat" written on it, I would still enjoy eating it. After all, he did get the date right and it's the thought.... I think......

So I have to ask, has your husband or significant other gotten your age wrong?
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PS:   I want to thank all of you who stopped by on my birthday and voted for me on the "Top Mommy Blog" (by just one click on that cute little brown button on the top right of my page) Thanks so much! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Yes It Is!!
My Birthday!!!
Meno Deb Turns 49 Today!!
Thought I'd Feel Like This (yes that's me)

Instead, I'm Smiling Like This (yes this is me too)
How Time Flies When You're Having Fun!
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 Thanks so much!!
And yes there will be cake!!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Her Pick His Pick

One thing that surprised me when we renovated our old home is how much of an interest my husband would take in every little decision that was made. Coming from completely different backgrounds, sometimes it's not easy to find an item that we can both agree on. It didn't help that when we married, we had to join two completely furnished households and then decide what stayed and what went. Yep, most of mine went but luckily a lot of his stuff went with the ex-wife, yay!

So after finally picking through the furniture from both households, there is still one item left that we need to buy and yes, he wants his say. You see, neither of us had a kitchen island but after our remodel, this kitchen now has a 12" overhang on a 7' peninsula.  The perfect place for four counter stools. The perfect place to serve a quick lunch, snack or just a comfortable place to sit while talking on the phone or blogging on a laptop. Of course hubby and I have two completely different ideas on what looks best.

Since we live in a small, one-horse town, we don't have a heck of a lot of options for viewing furniture in person so we turned to the internet. I had already purchased from CSN Stores in the past so knowing they ship to Canada as well as the USA, we turned to their website. Trust me, the beauty of shopping online is it gives you the opportunity to argue at home instead of in the store showroom.

So after going back and forth with so many designs to chose from, I picked this as my favorite counter stool, pretty, sleek and would tuck nicely under the peninsula without competing with our nearby dining room set:

This is hubby's favorite, he prefers the more traditional look with a nice back support:

So we are asking for your input, which style gets your vote?

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Free For The Taking!

I was minding my own business, had just pulled out of our driveway to take our daughter to her pre-school and this is what I saw a couple of blocks away:

It was stuck to this sitting at the curb next to the matching love seat.

So I kept driving and took our daughter to school. A little while later as I made my way back home, I looked at the chair and love seat again.

I couldn't drive by!! I tried!!! I clutched the wheel with both hands and clenched my teeth but......
J-u-s-t   t-o-o   t-e-m-p-t-i-n-g!!!

I hit the brakes, slammed the truck into park, jumped out and shoved both pieces into the back of our SUV and then took off in a cloud of dust hoping that no one saw me.

Here is how the chair looks now after a thorough cleaning placed in the corner our daughter's bedroom.

The matching love seat is on our front porch where it will get new fabric for the cushions and soon provide a comfortable place to sit (if it ever stops snowing!)

This got me to thinking. With Spring cleaning on the horizon, I will be doing a BIG clean out at our home.

If there is something that you collect, tell me in the comments.  If I've got it, don't need it and can easily ship it, IT'S YOURS! On the flip side, I collect Fiesta Dinnerware (any color, any item, any age) and Old Jewelry. You got it and don't want it, tell me in the comments!

Let's help out the planet and each other by REUSING and RECYCLING together! 

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