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Thursday, May 23, 2013

4 Ways To Save Money On Home Decor

Every woman dreams of decorating her home with the best furniture and accessories. She wants it to reflect her thoughts and make it a haven in itself. However, everybody knows that buying good furniture and topping it off with the right accessories can easily add up - especially when you're on a tight budget.

So the question is - Is it possible to furnish your home without breaking the bank? Yes you can, given that you’re willing to put time and effort into getting creative while enjoying the whole “do-it-yourself” part of it. In the following article, we look into a few more effective ways to save money when decorating your home:

1. Refurbish What’s Already There
Instead of jumping into buying new things, start off by refurbishing what you already have. Transform or “update” your old furniture pieces with upholstery and give them a fresh new finish.  For example, you can upholster the cushions of your dining chairs with a piece of foam, a “staple gun” and a few yards of quality fabric. At times fabric stores carry out sales on remnants (which can go up to 3-4 yards). This can be used to upholster a side chair or a stool. You can also use slipcovers to update the look of your armchair or sofa without spending too much time or effort to do it.

2. Browse through Classified Ads
Another useful/effective way to save good money on home furniture is to browse through classified ads on popular classified websites like Craigslist or in your local newspapers. The thing about classified ads is that many times you find home decor items at a cheap rate just because the owner is in need of money and wants to sell them off quickly. If you stick to finding good deals using classifieds with some patience and persistence, you may even end up furnishing your entire home without spending much.

3. Shop at Thrift Stores
Shopping at thrift stores is an effective way to save money and at the same time find some really good stuff for your home. However, most of the furniture that you get at these stores needs to a bit of updating so you’ll have to use your own creativity to see what potential each piece holds. Similarly, when you’re shopping for home decor items at a thrift store, you need to use your imagination to know what to buy and what to skip. A lot of times, you find items that are priced low and are in good condition. You can also ask when they are going to hold their next sale and be there first when they open so you can get your hands on the best items.

4. Use Coupons
It's imperative to find savings anywhere and everywhere if you're hoping to save money.  For example, if you're an aspiring DJ looking for great deals on DJ equipment, you'd get creative and search for something like the DJ Hookup coupons to get a discount on your purchase.  For those interested in home decor, search for Crate and Barrel coupons.  You can find a lot through coupon hunting, so make sure to take advantage of deals whenever you can.

These are just four tips to save money on home decor.  What tips do you have?

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1 comment:

Simply Suthern said...

It's cheaper if you dont have to have matching stuff.

Our home is full of handmedown furniture from family.

Not one piece of furniture in our Master bedroom matches.
We have a set of oak bunk beds my dad made and a twin bedroom set my grandfather made for me when I was born.