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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's What I Have To Work With

Yesterday, I posted my New Year's Resolution to finally do some decorating around our home.  I'm starting with our 5-year-old daughter's bedroom and described the challenges of the overall shape and design of her room HERE.

Moving on, here are the pieces in her room now that get to stay:
This 5-drawer white dresser with matching desk was part of the furniture from my hubby's home when we married.  Good thing I didn't have a boy!  It's perfect for our little girl's room so no additional expense here.

  The drum beside the dresser is one of our daughter's favorite instruments so it gets to stay.  A room with this many pieces of square and rectangular-shaped furniture needs a few round shapes anyway.

This rocking horse hand-crafted by my dad for her stays too!

These 3 paintings were purchased in Belize by my hubby and then professionally framed.  I've already edited out a 4th one that was purchased separately.  With the limited wall space I have, I may need to edit another.  Time will tell but I really would like to use them.  So colorful and fun for a child's room.  The one at the bottom is huge, the other two are half its size. 

The wall color is a medium blue best represented in the rocking horse and desk photos and it stays.  I love it!  The Persian rug on the other hand, will find a new home at our cottage.  Just too bossy to decorate around with all the other colors I am working with here.

Her queen-size box spring and mattress will stay.

So there you have it.  This is the starting or "jumping off" point I'm using to design her bedroom.  I'm hoping to create a space that isn't just for a small child so I will be trying to use an eclectic blend of Contemporary, French and Traditional design with a bit of fun and whimsy thrown in.  Hopefully a room she will love!

to be continued.......
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Simply Suthern said...

I'd like to jump in here and say do this and that but ya know..... I just aint got a clue.

However, never one to let good enuff alone

Id throw in a double dose of whimsy and fun and maybe Toss the contemporary and throw in a southern flair. Then tell any guest that this is my baby's room so you just gotta deal with it.

Feel free to ignore anything I said ;)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love the fun title! Newest follower, would love if you return the favor