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Monday, January 16, 2012

Toy Storage Solutions

If you've been following along, you already know I'm in the midst of finally decorating our home after the 7-month renovation we did back in 2007.  If you're wondering why it's taken so long, I had a 1-year-old baby at the time and menopause.  Need I say more??

Getting back to our daughter's room (she's now a 5 year old), I knew I had to come up with a way to store her ever growing collection of stuffed animals.  Anyone out there know how so many of these critters manage to take up residence around children?

So here's what I came up with after a visit to our nearest Michaels store.  This "laundry basket" features a durable wire interior and is made with a heavy-duty woven fabric.  The chocolate brown shade is perfect to add some drama among her snowy white furnishings and the round shape injects some feminine curves in her room.  The fact it's on casters means it's easy for her to move around.

But the best and most important part of all, it was on sale!!  Original price was $49.99 (talk about mark it up to mark it down), with 40% off  at the shelf with an additional 20% discount at the check-out!  

One more problem solved!

to be continued........
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Simply Suthern said...

You should never pay full price for anything at Michaels. They always have some type of coupon for something and usually you can stack the discounts. I aint a fan but my wife loves the place.

Xazmin said...

I truly believe that stuffed animals breed and multiply. That's the only answer that makes sense!

I LOVE the basket. I finally got to the point (with 3 girls!) that I let them each pick their 5 favorites, and we donated the rest!

Of course it's been a couple of years and the stuffed animal colony has grown again!

Unknown said...

Love the basket, works perfectly and looks lovely. I remember those net looking things that you could hang in corners for stuffed animals. Not even sure they make them any more.

lovely blog

Stephanie said...

Nothing beats a pretty basket!

CrazyNutsMom said...

My favorite thing recently.. organizing.

On top of my obsession...saving money! Way to go!