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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Natural Wood Lovers....Look AWAY!

If you've been following along, you know I'm in the process of designing our 5-year-old daughter's bedroom by using several things we already have, modifying a few, buying a few and making a few.  Fingers crossed it all comes together in the end but for now, I'm enjoying the process, challenges and all.

Sometimes when designing a space, you will have a few important and expensive pieces you want to use even though you know they won't work in the vision you have for the room.  In our daughter's room, it was the gorgeous solid oak headboard custom made by my dad in the mid 1990's.  Oak was a popular choice then but in this space, the golden oak was definitely not going to work.

So I did the UNTHINKABLE!!  I painted over the solid oak!!!  I know a lot of people will freak at this but if it's done right and you can then love it in the space, it's worth doing. I didn't grab a paint brush and get busy on this expensive family heirloom.  I arranged for it to be professionally sprayed so it would have a perfect finish with absolutely no brush marks or paint runs and I'm glad I did.  It turned out beautifully and of course, I asked my dad beforehand if he had any objections and like a great dad, he gave me his blessing.

Here's  how it looks now and I am thrilled with the result.  It was well worth the $200 investment to have it done right.  One little splurge that will be an important focal point in my little girl's room once we add some pretty bedding.

to be cont'd........

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Simply Suthern said...

Nothing compares to the sprayed finish for smoothness.

Made way back in the 1990s huh?? LOL

I have a lot of furniture my dad and his dad made. Stuff that will last longer than anything bought in the stores nowadays. And oh my goodness it's heavy when ya gotta move it.

momto8 said...

this looks wonderful. wow! I never considered a professional spray! I am your newst follower..pls follow back if you can!

BethElderton said...

This looks wonderful! One of the reasons I love solid wood is that it can be painted...repainted...then stripped back to natural--whatever you need over many years.

Tammy said...

That does look great. I can't wait to see everything you are doing in her room! :)