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Monday, January 23, 2012

Custom Touches Make It Yours (or hers)!

I'll probably being doing this bedroom makeover for our 5-year-old daughter for the next six months because instead of adding the standard bed-in-a-bag, I'm designing her room from the floor up using some of what she already has, some new pieces and some I will make.

Since I already love her room color, I'm going to keep the blue and accent with chocolate brown, a warm cream color with a few splashes of deep pink or fuchsia to add lots of interest.  Drapes have been ordered and now it's time to think about dressing the bed.

That's where these cute pillows come in.  They were 50% off at our local fabric shop and the color is a perfect match with the leaf-design drapes on order there.

But to dress up these standard pillows with a girl's bedroom in mind,
 I found these shimmering tassels 

So with a tassel on each corner,
 these throw pillows now have a little feminine flare that will be perfect
 when mixed with her bedding!

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1 comment:

Tammy said...

I love those colors! I did our downstairs bathroom with blues and browns.

You are one talented mama! :) I can't sew at all! I did take a sewing class for my fashion mdse degree but don't remember a thing! :)