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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Front Porch Clean Out

As part of my series on clearing out and cleaning up our home, I will be tackling this tiny front porch in our 1891 Heritage Home.  Like a lot of homes of this era, very few closets and no mudroom.  The way we live today is so much different from then and it doesn't help that our home was originally designed to be a summer home, ie, very few closets.  We addressed the closet issue on the second floor but the first floor did not offer many options.  Being a designated Heritage Home, we were not allowed to alter the exterior meaning no mudroom addition.

Here's the embarrassing before photo
Hard to tell  from the photo but the exterior
 front door is on the right once your enter this porch

Here it is cleared out and cleaned
Like most small spaces, there is no way to enlarge the footprint so the only option is to use the vertical space.  As you can see, I have added an additional set of hooks to the left of the window and a cedar shelf over each set of hooks (this cedar was left over from the new deck that was added last summer, keep those end pieces, you never know when you will find a way to put them to good use)

Now if it would just stop storming, I could get back to this.  After photo to follow once school resumes so stay tuned!


Simply Suthern said...

We had that issue with our last house. It was small and we got lots of mud and no mud room.
We went crazy with the wire shelving in enclosed closets and hanging cabinets where open.

T.J. said...

our front entry is brick floor which is awesome, but I put shoe mats out and yet shoes don't always tend to end up over there. Rather-floating around in the walking path!