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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Storage Container Cupboard Organized Cheap and Easy!

I know there are a lot of kitchens with a storage container cupboard that looks as bad as mine did this morning.  I'm lucky to have a single shelf with a nice deep drawer under it for storage.  The only problem with a shelf this low is how much space is wasted above it.  In most kitchens, this is where you have the opportunity to double or triple the storage space inside any cabinet.

A quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I found this large metal shelf for $8.99 (less 20% by using the coupon I printed from their website).  Nice and sturdy and will hold lots of  weight without collapsing.

Once I removed all the items in the cupboard, matched up the containers with their lids (those without lids or bottoms were discarded) and sorted the items, I placed the metal shelf inside the cupboard.  My daughter has a lemonade stand about 2 times each summer so the leftover plastic cups and plastic jugs are stored behind the shelf since they are used so seldom.

Glass jugs are stored at the back of the new shelf while glass storage containers and their lids are stored in this area (I use them the most).  There is room for two water bottles which is enough for our family and our Chinese Tea Pot has a place on the front of the shelf (we use this most often).

The deep pull-out drawer holds miscellaneous plastic containers and their lids as well as ice cream and popsicle makers.  There are also a few funnels which are used rarely at the back left side.

Overall, this cabinet is neat and tidy with the items used most often at the front.  I was able to gain so much more room by using a simple, cheap metal shelf to double the storage in the top of the cabinet.

Looks great and with everything now having a place, it will be easy to put items away in their allocated spots which should keep this drawer and shelf looking great for months, hopefully years!

Hope you feel inspired to tackle your own storage container drawer or cabinet and if you have some great ideas to maximum storage, share them!!!

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