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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Fast, Cheap and EASY!

About two years ago, I purchased an under-sink shelf that I thought would sort out the mess under my kitchen sink.  Well, here is how it looked this morning.  Although not obvious in this photo, stuff is piled high on other items and I have no idea what is located behind the few things I use on a daily basis.

  Time to get to work.

Off to the Dollar Store where I purchased some hooks, cute blue baskets and a roll of vinyl shelf liner.  The plastic trays were left over from my recent kitchen drawer organization and the metal door baskets were bought at Winners for $12.99 each.

After a thorough cleaning, the shelf liner has been laid out, the door baskets have been modified to  attach directly to the doors rather than hang over them (this was achieved by using pliers to bend the metal tops straight and attach the basket directly into the wood panel on top of the inside of the door.  Just be sure to pre-drill your holes and choose a spot away from the edges or seams in the wood).  The latex gloves are hanging on a hook along with a brush.  Items that are used regularly are located in the door basket and at the front of the cabinet.

Here I have attached another metal basket to the door using the same method as above and filling it with the kitchen cleaners I use most often.  A larger hook was added to the inside wall and now my dust brush and scrubbing brush hang within easy reach.  The blue basket on the bottom holds all my sponges and scouring pads while the clear tray beside it holds cleaning rags.  The top blue basket holds metal polishes and other items that are used less often.

At a glance, it may not look much different from the before photograph but I can tell you exactly what is in here and exactly where it is located. 

While cleaning this out, I found many items I didn't even know I had and plenty of duplicates.  Now with everything having a place and being in that place, this area of my kitchen will stay nicely organized.

If you add it up, this was achieved for about $35 and will pay for itself in no time since there is now no chance of me buying duplicates of cleaning and other supplies.

Clean and Tidy with great results for under $40! 
How about you, are you feeling motivated????

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