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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Decor Treat Project!

This is one of my favorite Halloween projects and I can honestly say, I can't remember where I got the idea for it but I can tell you, the kids love it!

The black blob under the sign is a fake feathered crow who happens to
look a lot better in person and in this photo!

It's as easy as taking a regular pumpkin and using a metal skewer or knitting needle to poke lots of holes in the skin.  Then just insert the suckers and thread a few rubber worms around their bases.  I've even carved out some round holes throughout the pumpkin and stuck in little plastic mice facing inward and outward. It takes less than half and hour to make and it's easy to replenish the suckers throughout the night as the little ones help themselves.  

I made the sign by staining a piece of heavy paper with cold tea and then drawing an ugly hand and spooky lettering on it before gluing it on top of a regular sign available at our local dollarmart.  Super economical but super cute for the kids too!

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