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Monday, October 15, 2012

Easy Halloween Decor To Make Yourself

With Halloween being my all-time favorite holiday, I know I get carried away when it comes to decorating the outside of our old home.  One feature I love is the recessed porch on the front.  It's already embellished with star cutouts that were done back in 1891 when the house was built making it the perfect place to create a spooky entrance for the kids in the neighborhood.

Here's what the kids will see on their left as they step up into the front porch
to ring the doorbell:

But as they turn around to leave, our pretty Mona Lisa picture
turns into a long-lost relative of Gene Simmons complete with vampire
cloak and bats:

And this was so easy and economical to make.  The center hologram picture measures 10" x 12" and was only a few dollars at our local Dollarmart.  The old frame measuring 24" x 34" was only $1 at a yard sale and provides the perfect setting for the photo.  A piece of cheap black bristol board cut to fit the large frame and then our Mona Lisa picture is glued to the center.  Add a few creepy spider webs and she's ready to spook the little ghosts and goblins who dare ring our bell this Halloween.

Check back for more spooky and economical Halloween decorating ideas!

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Unknown said...

Creepy! I will wear my witches hat and this year I will add a fake chin and nose. :) REALLY creepy.

Katherines Corner said...

spooky fun. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. did you enter my latest giveaway?