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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paranormal or Imagination? Part III

If you missed the previous posts I did on strange happenings, you can read about my house Here and my parent's house Here and Here.

Today's post is about my latest experience at my parent's house that took place in the Spring of this year.   

My parents live in a bungalow with their bedroom at the end of the house with the spare bedroom directly across the hall from them.  Because of limited space, the few times my husband and daughter and I visit, I sleep on the living room sofa at the opposite end of the house so my husband and daughter can have privacy in the only spare bedroom.  My mom and I also like to stay up late after everyone has gone to bed and chat so this sleeping arrangement works for us.

Getting back to my story, it was between 1:00am and 2:00am and being on the sofa, I was having trouble falling asleep.  I was laying there wide awake when I heard two male voices mixed in with static.  I couldn't make out what was being said, but I could easily distinguish between the two voices.  It sounded as if it were coming from the kitchen which was on the other side of the wall behind me.  It reminded me of walkie talkies but I knew there were none in the house.

I became so curious, I got up and walked into the kitchen to investigate.  As I entered the room, there was complete silence.  I stood there and checked to see if the windows were open which they weren't.  This happened three times before it finally occurred to me.  I remembered years ago, my dad listening to an old police band radio after he went to bed.  I reasoned he must have dug it out and started listening to it again.  I then went back to the sofa and fell asleep.  Mystery solved.

Early the next morning, I heard my dad in the kitchen making coffee.  I got up to pour myself a cup and find out what all the fuss was on the police band radio the night before.  He looked a bit surprised and said "I didn't have a radio on last night, I haven't listened to that old police band radio for years"

To say I was shocked is an understatement.  I knew it wasn't a dream.  I hadn't even fallen asleep yet when I heard the static voices.  No windows were open and yet, I know I heard two male voices mixed with static coming from somewhere inside the house.

to be continued..........
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Simply Suthern said...

Oh dont sweat it. It was just guys talking while looking in the window. LOL

Samantha said...

Love it...that is creepy though.

Unknown said...

Yeah try having it happen on a baby monitor.. I will have to tell you that story sometime.

Cynthia Wilson James said...

I love a good mystery! I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

You do know that you have me hooked - can't wait for the next episode. You should write a short E-Book? :)

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

That's freaky! I totally believe in Ghost!

I just found you on Blog Hop Skip and Jump.

I hope you visit me at

Unknown said...

Though I have never had any dealings with spirits, I definitely believe. I'm so glad that I don't see or hear those things because it would drive me more insane than I already am :)
Can't wait to read the next..

I'm a new follower and I would love it if you could follow back! have a great rest of the week :)

corabeth said...

New follower from Wacky Wednesday blog hop. Inviting you to follow me!

My Crazy Life

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Have you done research on previous owners of the house?