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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've Got A Tiger By The Tail!!!

With the first day of kindergarten for my 5-year-old daughter behind us, the next big challenge I expected was getting her a costume for Halloween.  Lately, she's become obsessed with lions, tigers, jaguars and every other wild cat on the planet.

She knows there is going to be a dress-up day at school for Halloween so she's already talking about being a tiger.  Me being worried we wouldn't have a chance at finding a costume like that here in our small town turned to the Internet and

And look what I found under Girl's Costumes:
Just the most adorable little Girl's Tiger Costume ever!!

I showed it to my little one and with a few clicks of the mouse, it was ordered and on its way.

It arrived at our door in less than a week and my daughter couldn't wait to try it own.  I was so pleased with the quality.  The fabric has a very soft, plush velour feel and the entire costume is extremely well made.  My daughter will get more than just Halloween out of this darling little get up.  It's perfect for dress up too and I know it's going to see plenty of use before she outgrows it.

Overall, ordering was easy, the quality was outstanding and so was their customer support.  The size chart was accurate and the selection of Halloween Costumes was almost limitless.  

They had every theme you could imagine in their Adult Costumes and Kids Costumes as well as all the Halloween Accessories to go with them.  They also stock a fantastic selection of Plus Size CostumesSexy Costumes and even adorable Pet Costumes!

With Shipping to over 200 Countries

I'm Glad I Did!!!
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Disclosure:  I  received the Girl's Tiger Costume before writing this review.  I was not compensated for writing a positive or favorable review and this is my personal opinion of the product.


Simply Suthern said...

How did she like her first few days of school?

Cheryl M. said...

New follower from the Weekend Hop :-). I sure wish my 5yo was into Harry Potter! He loves the usual 5yo boy stuff - Lightning McQueen, Thomas the Train and Buzz & Woody. Maybe in a year or two!


Empty Nester said...

I might have to check this one out for myself...I think I'll dress up this year for the trick-or-treaters!

Anita said...

Where has the time gone!?! The little darling is in kindergarten! How's mama doing?

Welcome to the club. :)