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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aloha Friday - Clutter-Free Zone?

Aloha Fridays are brought to you by Kailani in beautiful Hawaii at An Island Life where Friday is the day to take it easy while anticipating the coming weekend. Today I'm going to link up, take it easy and ask a question:

Do you have a clutter-free zone in your home?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked what your cooking style is (from scratch, boxed etc) and I told all of you, I preferred to cook from scratch.  Here's the secret though.  If I didn't insist on a clutter-free kitchen, I would hate cooking (when I moved into hubby's house before we moved here, the kitchen there was a train wreck of crap, clutter & junk so we ate out... a lot!)

No kidding, this is how my counter tops look every evening after dinner

so making breakfast, lunch and dinner is a pleasure!

In this home, I insist on a clutter-free kitchen and hubby is now on board.  So much so, he's now happy to live in a clutter-free home for the first time!
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ethelmaepotter! said...

Oooh, I adore your kitchen! Are those quartz countertops? It's been a long time since I saw pictures of your house, and I've missed it!

The all white with the dark counters is fabulous, and you've added just the right amount of POP, with your bright red and Fiesta dishes.

Clutter-free zone? Wow, my whole house used to be clutter-free, but somewhere along life's way, I got lazy, and now everything is cluttered. BUT, I do insist upon a clean kitchen before I cook anything.

That's probably the reason we eat out so much lately.

Tammy said...

I love living clutter free but with 2 kids the ages where they keep everything, I must admit I am not. If I have just cleaned, it looks great. My goal is to get a bit more clutter free in the kitchen. All dishes must be done after dinner, lunches made for the next day and hubby's coffee ready to go. I love clean counters although we get piles much too frequently then I like!

Your kitchen is beautiful. :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm like you - my clutter free zone is the kitchen. It's hard to cook if there's stuff all over the counter! But it seems to be an uphill battle every day - as soon as the counters are all nice and clutter-free, both Princess Nagger and the hubby think it's a magnet for their random stuff. ;)

Spring Awakening

Simply Suthern said...

My wife hates to wake up to a dirty kitchen.

So she doesnt cook the night before. :(

I am Harriet said...

I am so with ya on the clutter-free kitchen. I am always cleaning my counters. I do know people who never clean their kitchens. YUCK!

BTW- love the red accent in your kitchen.

Have a great Friday!

Deni said...

Sadly, no

Catherine L. said...

My entire home is clutter free. I can't stand when something is out of place. My husband always moves something just to see if I'll notice.

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I wish but with 5 people in 1100 sq ft it is hard to be clutter free and my husband and kids are not on board with the idea :(

MMAR said...

Love your kitchen but this question makes me laugh because I have "stuff" and my hubby is always griping about my "stuff". I think that he is more like you in that he wants a clutter free home! I must say I am getting better and streamlining... he called me a hoarder and I really had to think about that and decided that I really didn't need that thing that just sits there because so and so gave it to me... LOL!!!

Colette S said...

I will allow this much clutter and then I'll go nuts with anxiety if it's not all gone!

My clutter free zone is my desk.


Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

My clutter free zone is my bedroom. I like it to stay anxiety free.

Kailani said...

The only place I can think of is the mini-van. I'm cleaning it out every day!

Beautiful kitchen!

An Island Life

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Those are fabulous pictures!!! Hmmmm clutter free zone.... would have to be my counters in my kitchen, it is the first thing people see when they come in so I like them to be as clear as possible.
I am a new follower!
Have a great weekend!

gayle said...

I love to live with everything clutter free but my husband is not that way!! I am always picking things up!