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Monday, February 4, 2013

Disaster Averted!!

Even though it's 2013 and the majority of households now have 3 or 4 televisions each, we still have only ONE and it's located in the family room.  No TV in the bedrooms and no TV in the bathrooms.

So the other night, the hubby and I are watching television around 9:30 in the evening and the TV just shuts down with the blinking power light being its only sign of life.  Didn't matter what we did, it would not come back on.  We both had the feeling it was fried so started to discuss whether it was time to upgrade from a 42" to a 50", 60" etc.

Then my husband in his typical "against-the-grain" fashion, commented that we probably shouldn't have a TV in the house at all.  In his opinion, it "dominated" every one's attention and was on too much anyway.

To that I responded in my typical "sarcastic" fashion, "Great idea!  Tomorrow I'll head down to the thrift store to see if I can find a white bonnet and frumpy black dress to wear around the house. Then, I'll pick up some wax on the way home so we can start making our own candles and get rid of the electric lights too."

Let's just say we now have a shiny new 50" Flat Screen TV hanging on the wall.

Disaster Averted!!

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Unknown said...

Hahaha you caved in to the modern world mania. I'm rather more like your husband and feel TV is a deep pit we fall into and have trouble getting out of. Still, I enjoy the big screen and a good movie.

Simply Suthern said...

LOL, I like a TV in the house. I will admit tho we prolly have too many.

I even have one in the garage when I am working on the car or doing a welding project. I think it is more for the white noise it provides.

Maria said...

Every once in a while, my partner and I discuss getting rid of the television. This usually happens after we've just watched some fascinating, violent show that we love like "Dexter." We comment on how we humans are FAR too comfy with violence. It's all basically hyperbole. We love too many shows (Justified, Dexter, True Blood, Girls, The Newsroom....the list just goes on and on.....)