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Monday, February 25, 2013

ARGO? I Say Arrogant!

You can call me a whiny Canadian but I am personally offended by Ben Affleck's fantasy movie "Argo" which is very loosely based on the JOINT Canadian-CIA secret operation to extract six Americans from Revolutionary Iran.

Even President Jimmy Carter has spoken of the way this movie completely trivializes Canada's involvement and risk in devising a plan to free the Americans.

In a society where today's generations get the majority of their history lessons from movies and documentaries, Canada has been portrayed in Argo as playing a very minor role but just for the record, Canada was the "Brains and Balls" in this mission, NOT the CIA.

And for those of you who think we are just too touchy up here, ask yourself how you would feel if the Oscar went to a movie "based on fact" showing Canadian Royal Mounted Police galloping across the desert taking out Bin Laden!

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Vesper said...

It also annoys me as an ex-Brit that they get my country's history wrong - Braveheart - Patriot - just recent examples. I am not even going to discuss the old 1940's, 1950's movies

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh I get it!!!
There has never been a movie where the history depicted is correct.
(let's start with the native american's)

I'm sorry.
They don't get any American history correct either if that makes you feel any better. (I know it doesn't)

I'm sorry,
Your damn american blogger buddy

Simply Suthern said...

They should just flat out say a movie is fiction if they are not going to present it truthfully.

The company I used to work for snuck a plane in and removed over a hundred folks out at the same time. It was highlighted in this Sundays paper. My boss and his wife were among those rescued.