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Monday, November 5, 2012

Selling Children's Items On Line

What do you do with the toys, clothes and sporting gear your children outgrow? For me, living in an old house with no usable basement and limited closet space means I have to get rid to make room for the new.

So here's what I've been doing with it for the last 18 months.  The better items are photographed and then listed in our local online ads.  And guess what?!  In that amount of time and with minimal effort, I have managed to transfer over $1,000 into my 6-year-old daughter's bank account.  You see, when I sell an item of hers, I "give" her the money.

Anything that doesn't sell quickly is donated to a local charity so it's win/win/win/win all around.  I don't have to live in a house crammed to the rafters with items she no longer uses, her bank account is growing, local charities are receiving items to help them raise money and we are recycling.

How about you?  What do you do with the things your children outgrow?

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Simply Suthern said...

Consignment shop
Church Consignment sales

Anita said...

I have the privilege, but also the burden, of living in a four level house. We have a sizable attic and playroom on the top level and a basement. Many things that could have long been gone are still here! I'm believing that before I leave this earth, I am going to have a home that contains no junk!

I applaud you for keeping up with the purging. You are passing a good habit on to your daughter.