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Friday, November 23, 2012

Aloha Friday - Locked Out Edition!

Aloha Fridays are brought to you by Kailani in beautiful Hawaii at An Island Life where Friday is the day to take it easy while anticipating the coming weekend. Today I'm going to link up, take it easy and ask a question:

The other day, my husband decided to take our daughter out for dinner, just the two of them.  He knew I was staying home and if he could pull himself away from TV sports for more than 10 seconds, he would have heard me say "I'm going over to the neighbor's for a minute, I'll be right back".  So I scoot across the street to drop something off, talk for a few minutes and then as I exit their home,  I see the taillights of my husband's truck turn at the end of the street.

Great, he locked me out without a coat wearing slippers in the middle of November.  Luckily, I knew they were going to a spot that was only about 6 blocks away so I hightailed to the restaurant and got his key.

So after all that, my question is:  Do you hide a spare key outside your home and if so, where is it?  Let's just say, we do now!

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