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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Should I Be Flattered or Bust Out the Paint!

When we bought our home back in 2006, it had a light to medium pinky rose paint color with white trim around the windows and medium blue accents.  It was a very 1980's color scheme and I knew the minute I checked out the harbour view across the street, the house had to be yellow.  I wanted a charming cottage feel to it even though it was 2 1/2 stories tall.  To help create that affect, my hubby came up with the idea to create a wide white band across the second story and I have to give him credit for how beautiful it turned out.  We also changed all the trim back to white only.
So here's the deal.  We painted our house back in 2007 and there was only one other yellow house in the neighborhood three or four blocks up the street that you couldn't see from our place.  It was more of a lemon yellow so really didn't look like ours at all.  For some reason, most of the other houses were either minty green or white.  

Okay, since 2007, we've had three houses within eyesight of our home go to yellow with white trim.  I guess the people around here like our picks because it seems like every time anyone within spitting distance decides to repaint their house, they're choosing our yellow!

So should I be flattered or bust out the paint and go for blue?!

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Tammy said...

Be flattered is obviously a great choice and it really is cheerful on a house. :)

Simply Suthern said...

When we bought our first house it looked like the whole neighborhood had invested in a 55 gal barrel of brown paint. Every house was either brown or had brown trim.

We broke out the paint.

If you like the way your house looks I would leave it alone. Sounds like your neighbors do.

The other option is to leave blue cans of paint and brushes on your neighbors porch.