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Monday, September 10, 2012

Can We Manufacture Anything Here These Days?

When I was growing up, the start of a new school year was an exciting time.  We would arrive at school the first day with our shiny new book bags (the days before backpacks) filled with new pencils, soft erasers, note books, rulers, scissors, crayons, pencil cases, lunch boxes and on and on all made here at home.

That really wasn't that long ago so I hadn't given shopping for school supplies much thought until this past month when I was out shopping for my little girl who started Grade 1 last week.

Here's what frustrated the hell out of me.
  Every item I was looking for was made in China.

Her backpack, her lunch box, her drink bottle, her books, her pencils, her crayons, her scissors, her sneakers, etc., etc., etc.  I drove myself half crazy trying to find items made in Canada or the USA.  On average, I would say for every one item that was made in North America, there would be more than 100 other options made in China.

I do my best to buy North American whenever I have the choice but I have to tell you, I'm wearing myself out trying.

How about you?  How many of the school supplies you purchased where made in China?

Multiply that by millions and millions of students and you can see where all our dollars are going and why our economies are not thriving.
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1 comment:

Simply Suthern said...

Dont get me started.

Luckily in my business it is easy to find North American made items but you pay significantly more.