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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Costume SuperCenter Review

As if getting my little one ready for kindergarten wasn't enough pressure,  lately she's become obsessed with lions, tigers, jaguars and any other cat you can think of. 

So guess what she wants as her Halloween costume this year?  Oh yes, a cat and not just "any" cat but a lion and it must have a tail and a mane.  Now where in our little one-horse town am I going to find a costume with that much detail in her size?

I knew if I left it until the last minute I'd have one very unhappy little lion on my hands so I turned to Costume Super Center who just happen to carry the sweetest costumes for little girls. 


I was thrilled to find the entire lineup of Wizard of Oz Halloween costumes but most of all, it was the adorable little Cowardly Lion Costume that put a big smile on my little one's face.

It has all the detail she wants and comes in several sizes with Medium being the perfect fit for her.  The size chart was easy to use and when the costume arrived the other day it was

Shopping online is so easy, no fighting my way through all the kids terrorizing the costume display of our local department store and the selection online is practically limitless!

If you're searching for the perfect costume for Halloween or any occasion, check out and guess what!!??  They ship to Canada too!!

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Disclosure:  I  received the Cowardly Lion Costume before writing this review.  I was not compensated for writing a positive or favorable review and this is my personal opinion of the product.  


Michelle said...

Adorable. I could never dress my kids in those kinds of costumes because it is way to hot here in Florida. I am so jealous.

Stephanie said...

Perfect solution!

MMAR said...

Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorites and now Alex's too : )

gayle said...

She is going to look soo cute! Wish you could post a picture!

Unknown said...

Hi Deb! Just wanted to touch base since we haven't talked in so long. I am glad you are back from the hand thing! I am already following and I think you follow me too so this was just a social stop. I will be doing my first g/a in a few weeks. Michele from Miki's Hope wanted me to review the Eclipse Spa products and she is going to guide me thru the process also. She is giving me a scrub, lotion and roll on perfume to give away and I would love for you to register to win. Just keep an eye out for when I announce. I haven't received them yet so I am thinking maybe a week or week and a half from now. I will try to get out a newsletter (first for that too, if I can) to let everyone know and I think she will be promoting it also. Have a great weekend!