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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh How He Cracks Me Up Lol!!!

Yes, he's at it again.  My husband had me laughing so hard the other day, I was doubled over.  I don't know how many of you have help around the house but the remark my husband made the other day totally cracked me up.  I'm just lucky I can laugh in his face and get away with it.

Here's the statement that sent me over the edge:

"Well I vacuumed the attic the other day and you didn't even say thank you"

I don't know how many of you say "Thank You" every time your husband does something around the house but I know I didn't hear a "Thank You"  when I piled 7 cord of wood this past Winter or every couple of days when I take the garbage out.  I thought it was "our" wood and "our" garbage.

So here's how I responded to his remark through fits of laughter.

"Why would I thank you for vacuuming your own attic?"

And guess what.  It left him speechless.

So tell us, what would you have said to your significant other?
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Simply Suthern said...

My wife does thank me when I help in the kitchen or vacuum. And NO, it aint that rare. LOL

Unknown said...

He's hilarious but I loved your comeback. I think my response would've been, "Thank you just doesn't do justice to things we do here. So every time you see me smile, you know exactly what I'm saying...thank you."

Mae Rae said...

unfortunately i would have probably bitched about the fact that the living room or bedroom needed it before i even noticed the attic.

Unknown said...

LMbo I would have pointed to our children and said ahem need I say more

Tammy said...

I think I would of laughed at mine too! ...and who vacuums the attic anyway?

Unknown said...

OK, you know what? I'm stealing that line!!! I can't tell you HOW many times my husband pulls that one on me. It drives me nuts because he's not working right now - of course he should be doing that stuff!

So, I'M thanking YOU for giving me the comeback to end all of this nonsense once and for all! :D

1955nurse said...

How 'bout "Attic? I didn't even know we HAD an attic!!!!" LOL....

When I'm working, my Hubby DOES help, even cooking (grilling?) when needed... so maybe I shouldn't say TOO much here.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lmao how could anyone really Top what you said. You said it perfectly. Although i am a husband lmao I am guilty myself of saying those same things. EEK!! lol.

Anyways I am a new follower from if you wish to follow back. also have started up a new blog hop if anyone wishes to join at

Have a wonderful night. LOL thanks for making me feel guilty!!! haha

MMAR said...

LOL... sounds like my hubby!!