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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Front Porch Clean Out and Organization

Late last month, I started a clear out and reorganization of the small front porch on our 1891 heritage home.  Like most of these old houses, closets and storage are minimal and in our home, that is most apparent on the ground floor.  That being the case, this front area which really makes a terrible first impression on visitors in the state it was in seems to be the catch all for junk.

Here's a reminder of how it looked before being organized

Here it is empty with two new shelves and more wall hooks

Here it is after a complete organization of the items that actually belong in it

But this room isn't done yet.  I've cleared out everything that doesn't belong and for now, the items that should be stored here are put away.

Next stop is the paint store where this front entry will be getting a cheap makeover from a can of paint.  I'm planning on a light gray to brighten and modernize (as much as you can in an old house) the space. Trust me, I've disliked this red since day one but agreed to it as a trade off with my husband so I could have the color I wanted in our family room.  He loves the red but after 7 years, it's time "I did it my way!"

Stay tuned, I'll be sharing after photos along with the color info of the paint I choose!  By the way, the bookcase is getting a cheap makeover as well from some leftover wall paper and leftover paint!

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