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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shape Up with "Shake the Crave" Meal Replacement!!

As a way to manage my weight and busy lifestyle, I have been using SLIMFAST as a breakfast meal replacement for years.  It's quick and easy and I can choose the calorie count by adding skim, 1%, 2% or whole milk to the mix.  The only downside I have found with SLIMFAST is how quickly I become hungry regardless of the fat content in the milk I use which can lead to snacking and before you know it, any reduced calorie benefits have been lost.

Then I was given the opportunity to try "Shake the Crave" from the Trusted Health Products lineup.

I received 2 envelopes of Vanilla and a Jar of Chocolate
Meal Replacement

After reading the ingredients, I was eager to give this new meal replacement mix a try.  I went straight for the chocolate and noted the rich chocolate aroma when I opened the jar.  I mixed one scoop with one cup of 2% milk and used my immersion blender to combine using the time instructions (20 seconds on low, then 3 seconds on high) recommended.  

Did I mention I love chocolate!!??  This shake tasted fantastic and not only kept me feeling full for the entire morning but right up into early afternoon.  I had to make myself stop and take the time to mix up another shake for lunch.  This time I went for the vanilla powder with 2% milk and was pleased with its natural vanilla taste and aroma.  Again, I felt full for the afternoon.  For a little added bonus, I like to blend in 1/2 a banana (or whatever fresh fruit you love!) with either flavor and if you like it even thicker, add some ice too!

For those of you who love to snack, Shake the Crave encourages us to eat two or three low-calorie, healthy snacks per day and finish up with a sensible dinner to get the most from this meal replacement healthy lifestyle program.  And of course, moderate exercise plus strength training should always be on the menu whether we are watching our weight or not.  I like to do Yoga 4 or 5 times per week.

Overall, I felt full much longer with loads of energy while using Shake the Crave and I would not hesitate to recommend this meal replacement to any of my readers.  It's satisfying, nutritious, quick and great tasting!

To learn more about the Shake the Crave lifestyle including nutrition tips and recipes, visit

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Disclosure:  I received a container of chocolate Shake the Crave and 2 envelopes of vanilla Shake the Crave before writing my review.  I was not compensated for writing a positive or favorable review and this is my personal opinion of the product.  

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