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Monday, July 14, 2014

Get Rid Of Wasps!!

Can it really be this easy to rid your outside seating areas of wasps?  I've given this neat little trick a test run and so far so good!!

There really is nothing more annoying when you are sitting outside than a wasp or two buzzing around getting in your space and on any food you are trying to enjoy. So when I heard that you really need nothing more than a mock wasp nest to chase them off, I had to give it a try.

All I used to make my wasp nest is a small brown paper bag, a few plastic bags to stuff it with, some strong packing tape and a couple of brown elastics.  I used one elastic at the bottom to hold the stuffing in place and securely taped another elastic to the top of the bag so I could hang it.  As long as this "nest" is hung upside down, wasps will stay away.  Being very territorial, they will mistake this for another colony and head over to your neighbor's yard and cause havoc there instead.

This one is hanging by our back door on one side of our deck

This one is hanging off the top right side of the house on the other side
of the deck to ward off any wasps that may be heading to our seating
 area from this direction

I don't like using harmful chemicals or any other method that kills pests because after all, they have as much right to this earth as we do (as long as they stay out of my yard!).

So if wasps are taking the fun out of your outdoor spaces, give this a try! post signature

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