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Monday, July 15, 2013

Easy Chair Update in Less Than One Hour!

Who could have guessed this 1970's bistro chair could be completely updated and transformed in less than an hour!

I spotted this chair in a used furniture shop in town and paid $10 for it.  The finish was still in great condition and it was well made of solid wood so I knew it would be a great piece once it was finished.   I checked and found I had just enough fabric left over from some basket liners I had made to give this "ugly duckling" a brand new lease on life.

First, I unscrewed the bolts under the seat holding it in place.  I then removed the seat and flipped it over to get access to the old tacks so I could remove them along with the badly faded fabric.  In about 20 minutes it was ready for its new bold striped fabric.  I used a staple gun to secure the fabric in place and then it was ready to be reattached to its solid base.

Here's how it looked in under one hour

Here it is in its new home next to the bathtub
 The perfect place to stack a few crisp white towels!

This easy technique can be used to update dining chairs too so come on, get creative!!
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