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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gunman??? It's Time To Coin A New Word

As the mother of a six-year old little girl who is in grade one, I am absolutely shattered by the devastating events that unfolded in Newtown on Friday.

But as outraged as I am at the events, I get more and more agitated every time I hear that psycho little bastard described as a "gunman" in the media.  I mean are you serious???

When you use the word "gunman", it implies macho, muscular or some other Arnold-like character.  I think it's time we hit the egos of these little Rambo-wanna-be rat bastards with a new name that more accurately describes them.  A word they know in advance will go down in history attached to them.

It's time we started to use the word "Guncoward" when reporting their vicious crimes.

There, that's more like it.


 Now I can get an accurate visual on what these little freaks
 really look like and are all about! 

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Pearl said...

You and I are in wild agreement.


Unknown said...

Deb, you've used your grief in a creative way. I affirm your new word. I'm going to use it from now on too.

GunDiva said...


Gavin de Becker has an entire chapter in his book, THE GIFT OF FEAR, about how we should not give these guncowards and airtime. In ten years, only friends and family members will remember the victims' names, while everyone will remember the guncoward's name. That is absolutely unjust.

BethElderton said...

Applying this word to this young person removes focus of what really happened in this case. Something was wrong with this kid, and his mother seems to have been a paranoid who stockpiled food and collected high powered guns to prepared for the apocalyptic end of the American economy. The assault weapons and high capacity clips and hundreds of rounds of ammunition belonged to his mother, and that seems to be okay with everyone. It is far too simplistic to reduce this to a kid who simply"chose" to go do this thing. It demeans the reality of the problem and gets us no where in our attempt to deal with it.
Please don't misunderstand--I am not defending this kid nor blaming his mother. I am just saying that what happened here---and what happened in Aurora, Colorado--are much more complex than that.

Tammy said...

Definitely! So heartbreaking!