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Monday, July 30, 2012

What I didn't Know About Saggy Boobs

How many times have you seen an "older" woman with breasts down around her bellybutton and thought to yourself "Why doesn't she just invest in a good bra instead of shopping for one at Walmart?"

Then it happened

My own "girls" getting lower and lower and no matter how much tucking and lifting I force on them with strong padding and tight straps, they just won't go back where they used to be.

Then I figured it out

Here's what your mother never told you about sagging boobs

It's not just the boobs that fall, it's the entire platform they are attached to that slides down your torso.  It doesn't matter how much padding, armor, or iron-strong straps your bra has, ain't nothing gonna hoist those "girls" back up where they used to be.

So next time you see one of us "older" women with our boobs pointing straight out from our bellybuttons, just nod and smile politely.

Let's just say it ain't a cheap bra making them look that way!
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Laura Everyday Edits said...

Hilarious! thanks for posting! I think this is the one advantage to my 32A.. less volume to fall!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I told my younger sister (by 17yrs) that I had to get a larger size pants. She asked why on earth I had to do that I haven't gained any weight. I told her because I am now tucking my tits into my waistband. She laughed. Well just wait! She'll see what I'm talking about.

Unknown said...

As a woman who has been a DDD for most of my boob having life I totally get this. The one thing I don't understand is how when I lose weight my boobs go NOWHERE..

menopausal mama said...

Well spoken and 0h-so-true!! I was always low breasted to begin with, which I hated, so push-up bras have been my best friend for years. But now....nothing much helps and shirt shopping is a nightmare!!! Thanks for sharing this---nice to know I am not alone!!!!

Simply Suthern said...

I always said I could fix anything but a broken heart and the crack of dawn but I spose this is something I have to add to that list.

gibberish said...

Thanks for the smile!

Tammy said...


Jacki said...

Love to see you're still posting! This post is great :)

Anita said...

I hope my shampoo girl doesn't wear those. I'd much rather continue to get hit on the head with soft saggy boobs than with firm, uplifted armor.

Then again, maybe this will solve the problem if the boobs are held high enough to miss my head. :)