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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aloha Friday - Blog Selling?

Aloha Fridays are brought to you by Kailani in beautiful Hawaii at An Island Life where Friday is the day to take it easy while anticipating the coming weekend. Today I'm going to link up, take it easy and ask a question.

I just saw an ad in our local online classifieds written by a person who is selling their blog domain along with all it's original content and corresponding facebook and twitter accounts.  
It didn't list the price so I emailed her to find out.

She responded that after only 6 months with 65 followers, 125 twitter fans and 5 facebook followers (after only 5 days)  and over 12,000 visits, she would sell for $850.  She calculated it's actual value at $5,000 since she had written 170 posts.

That's her formula so now I'd like to know how you would assess the value of your own blog?? Do you think they are actually sellable?  (and no, I didn't make on offer on hers)

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Anita said...

I think I'm a bit dumbfounded. lol

Is the blog currently making money from ads or something?

Good question you have asked. I've never thought about my blog having a value to anyone other than myself - and it's definitely not monetary...I wish it were!

Sometimes I've wondered how I would feel if Blogger lost everything. Recently, I've begun using Blog2prnt to make books of my posts; including the comments. It can be costly, but I think I will continue to do it slowly but surely. I consider it journaling.

Selling blogs - interesting concept. I'll keep my eyes and hears open to learn more in the future as it takes form.

Tammy said...

That cracks me up! Unless she has one heck of a good name, then maybe the domain is worth it. I know there is a site where you can get information on how much our blogs are worth.

Simply Suthern said...

Cha...... what? No Ching? No Sale?

Shes gotta be kidding.

Actual Value $5000 bucks? Who does she think she is Ron Popeil? Does she slice and dice and make julien fries? And 5, really 5? Facebook followers? WOW!!!

I wonder what you can get for your 3000 followers.

Thats Kinda like pimping or having your bank note traded for a loan to be named later.

She's nuts but there is someone out there more nuts that will buy it.

My blog is priceless to me. Otherwise it is worthless.

I am Harriet said...

A long time ago, in blog years, I had a site that featured many contributors. I ran out of time and decided to close it down. One of the contributors asked to take it over. Before I knew it, she had it for sale. She wanted like $400 for it all and it wasn't that great. She didn't even own the rights to other people's posts etc. I signed in and deleted all of my stuff one day, I wanted nothing to do with it. You really do have to ask what honorable reason there would be to purchase an established site.

Have a great weekend!

Colette S said...

I saw a blogger with a successful blog who sold hers. However they changed everything and it kinda seem to just went meh.

I don't have time for this calculation. I just want to blog. Not sure I'd want to sell my blog.

MMAR said...

WOW!! Not sure what to think of that formula! I am with Jamerican and have seen where it was sold (for a good price) but went to Shtuff :)
I would be curious as to what my blog is worth though??

Cathi said...

I wouldn't consider selling my blog/name/content. It's too personal and mine is basically a photo blog. ;D

Becca said...

Wow, based off of that calculation my blog would be worth millions ;)

I only blog for me so I think it is only worth something to me!

Kailani said...

Sorry, but that is probably the craziest thing I've ever heard. I wonder how she came up with that price?


Anita said...

Have you thought any more about this idea? I think I'm piecing it together. It seems that someone I used to follow, doesn't post in her particular blog URL any more. But... someone else is. Someone who is advertising something - I forget at the moment. Anyway, I can see how a blog that gets lots of hits is worth something to a buyer. Their posts (regardless of what's in it) will continue to come up in the reader list; afterall, who takes the time to delete from their "blogs I follow list." Or, people will click on it occasionally, forgetting that the contents is now different.

Sleepy at the moment from watching too much Olympics, so I'm possibly babbling here. lol