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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Weekend Fun

With the hubs away at the cottage for the weekend on a mission to keep the ants at bay, our 6-year-old daughter and I stayed home for a girl's only weekend.  And like the girly girls we are, we spent Saturday morning shopping at our local Farmer's Market and the afternoon at a huge flea market.

I was happy to see the first bounty of locally grown lettuce and bought a huge bag for me and the hubby.  Our little one headed right to the smoothie stall and ordered her favorite flavor of chocolate banana.

After the Farmer's Market, we drove over to a local arena where they were holding a huge indoor yard sale fundraiser.  We found a handmade quilt for $10 that will be perfect for our cottage.

But the best deals we found were at an auction that was held just up the street from our home on Sunday.  Here's what we bought for the house.

Two vintage wall sconces that are a great match to our dinning room
chandelier.  These will give an elegant look and no wiring necessary
(oh and you know I'll be losing the pink candles)

But this pretty antique wicker chair is what I've been looking for.  
It's the perfect size to go with the wicker tub chair on our front porch.

I love to recycle and reuse whenever I can and finding great deals like these just make it all the more fun!

And I see my GOOGLE+ button is back on my front page for now.  Oh Blogger, I wish you'd get your s&%t together!
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1 comment:

Tammy said...

LOL...I don't think it's bloggers fault, I think it's Google's! I took mine off the other day because it wasn't working. I need to add it back I guess.

Great finds, as usual! :)