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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love It But Share It!

Once a year, our small-town parade goes right by the front of our house.  Super convenient for us, we sleep in and then at 9:59 AM, walk a few feet to the lawn chairs reserving our spots up front (yes, we have to save ourselves a spot on our own front lawn the night before)

This is the view from our second-floor window as the parade starts.  By the time it ends, children have been running all over the lawn, hiding from one another behind the big trees, running up to my window boxes to smell the bright flowers, holding races from one side of our large lawn to the other and rolling in the fresh grass.

I know a lot of people would find this intrusive.  I, on the other hand, love that complete strangers feel so comfortable pulling up their chairs, laying out their blankets and watching their children run free all over our front yard.  To hear the kids laughing and giggling and see them playing is as much fun for me as seeing the parade itself.  I mix with the crowd never mentioning that the big yellow and white house in the background belongs to us.

Oh and I should mention, once everyone packs up their things and goes home, there isn't any litter left behind and after about a week, the grass recovers and it's business as usual.

How about you?  Would you welcome strangers setting up camp on your front lawn for a morning once a year?

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Book Lover said...

Wow that's convenient for the parade, I think I have mixed feelings about everyone all over my lawn. It's nice they don't leave any trash.


Unknown said...

I would more than welcome everyone tramping over my lawn (as long as there was no garbage left around). However Mr. Sandra would find it intrusive. We would clash on this and I would win :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind sharing, but I would not like having to save a viewing spot in my own yard! It's great that you have such a good attitude :)

ethelmaepotter! said...

How sweet, real Normal Rockwell Americana.
Like Sandra, I would welcome it, but Fred...NO WAY. Not that he would do anything about it except fuss and fume, all aimed in my direction, but still he would hate it.
I'd probably go out there and invite 'em all in to use the bathroom, just to tick him off.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I won't mind sharing, but I would want to mark off a spot for my family.

Working Mommy said...

Wow...that is really surprising. Things like that would never happen here, because people have a bad attitude and no manners. You are lucky to live in such a great area!


Simply Suthern said...

My lawn is always open to anyone but sales folk.

Would love a parade.

jules said...

I would love that too....