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Saturday, January 22, 2011

He Deserves A Pat On The Back....Sometimes

Seems I don't often mention my hubby here unless it's to have a laugh at some foolishness he gets up to or to complain about him.  Anyone who is or has ever been married knows what I'm talking about.

So today to shake things up a bit, I'm giving him a well-deserved pat on the back. You see, the other night he surprised me when he made reservations for us at the poshest restaurant in town.  This is the restaurant where Regis and Kelly ate the entire time they were here and where all the mucky mucks go out to dinner.

A couple of hours and several complete clothing changes later, we arrived.  The first thing that struck me was the mix of traditional and contemporary decor. Absolutely stunning!

As you entered the front door, there was a long banquette against one wall with dark wood tables and fancy chairs.  On the other side of the restaurant, there was a long line of modern bar stools with shiny chrome legs against a solid wood bar. But the biggest surprise was the huge flat-screen TV on the wall behind that bar. No, it wasn't for the Sports Channel or CNN.  It was of the kitchen where you could watch in amazement while the chef prepared all the fabulous meals for everyone.

We had such a great time watching the chef, taking in the wonderful atmosphere and enjoying a well-deserved night out.

When's the last time your hubby or significant other surprised you with a fabulous night out? Come on, brag about him/her for a change!

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Sophie said...

Its been a while!

But how cool that you can watch them prep your meal on TV, I would love to dine somewhere like that.

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Shah Wharton said...

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Michelle said...

I can't say that my boyfriend has ever surprised me, but we do go out quite often.

Everly said...

if I were the Chef I would be so intimidated knowing everyone was watching. but chefs seem to have a lot of confidence, so i'm sure it was actually the opposite of that for him.

Debbie said...

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Debbie from

Debbie said...

VERY nice! kudos to your man!!!

Unknown said...

Hubs is taking me out for lunch ashore today--we have a date!!!
Don't ya love it? My sister says the surest way to a woman's heart is thru the doors of any good restaurant. :)

cheri said...

he does deserve a pat on the back :)

Annsterw said...

Awwwwwww - that is sooo nice!! What a great hubby - annnnnd what a great wofe you must be to have deserved all that!!!

Simply Suthern said...

Aint he the sweetest Thannnng!!!
Sounds really nice.

It would be cool to watch the chefs in a place like that. Not sure I EVEN wanna know whats going on at the places I eat.

My son and his girlfriend are taking the wife and I out for sushi and a basketball game tonite. Cant wait.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Sounds fab, and I'm sure you well deserved it!

Actually, Fred treated me to a fabulous night out just last week - he even said, "Forget the price - go ahead and order the supersize fries!"

Anonymous said...

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I'm a new follower from the Blog Hop!

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Thanks so much for your time!

gayle said...

That's so sweet of your husband! It's been awhile since we've been out. Usually we just get take out.

GunDiva said...

What a great surprise!

My rock star husband hasn't surprised me with a night out in - well, forever. But...I do love it when I come home from work and he's got dinner waiting. I love, love, love that!