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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clinique & Vintage Jewerly Giveaway to Say "Thank You" (CLOSED)

You guys have been so supportive during these last three months, you continue to read and comment on my blog even though the time I spend with my four-year-old daughter leaves me little time to read your blogs and comment back.

I've missed the day-to-day interaction with "adults" but I have to say the benefits to me and my daughter are priceless. And because I'm using that valuable time with her, she is reading and recognizing words, her art skills are amazing and she is just like a little sponge, so eager to learn whatever lesson we decide to work on that day. This is one little girl who will be at the top of her kindergarten class when the time comes (which I know will feel like tomorrow, time is going so fast)!

So to say "Thank You",  I thought it would be fun to sponsor my own Giveaway of some terrific Clinique products that are hot off the press! I received these as a bonus just a few days ago and thought they would be perfect to give to one of you.
And rather than do the "list your giveaway all over the place for attention", I'm just sharing it here. It's for you who read me when you find the time. No conditions, you don't even need to follow my blog. It doesn't matter which country you live in. ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED! 

Those of you who have been here a while know that collecting vintage jewelry is my other passion (besides bitching!) and I wanted to include some pieces in this Giveaway to compliment these skin care products. In keeping with the bronze theme, I have selected jewelry that will show off your glowing bronzed skin to the maximum! Beautiful gold tone pieces with enamel detailing dating back to the early 1980's and all in excellent condition! First though, the Clinique products:

2 FL.oz of Clinique Step 2 Clarifying Lotion
.5 oz Clinique Moisture Surge
1.4 FL.oz Clinique Self Sun Body Daily Moisturizer (light/medium)
.34 FL.oz Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator
All are brand new sample sizes that are sealed and ready for you to enjoy.

Now on to the Fabulous Vintage Jewelry!!!

20" long, nice and wide herringbone necklace in polished gold tone 
6 1/2" Link bracelet with carmel, grape and raspberry enamel centers 
This pretty bracelet comes with matching drop earrings for pierced ears
 Large tropical bird brooch with brown and black enamel detail

Want to enter this special Personalized Giveaway? Just leave one comment on this post that either links back to your email or spell out your email address so I can contact you. Giveaway begins NOW and ends Thursday, May 13th at midnight EST.  Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.  GOOD LUCK! And I want to wish you all a

Happy Mother's Day
And especially you Mum, You're the Best!!!
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Respectfully Yours said...

Pick me, pick me!! Love the give away. Have a great Mothers Day too. Happy Weekend.

Tori said...

What a fun give away!!

Amber said...

What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win :)

Expat Barbie said...

i really like your giveaway ethos. thank you.

have a beautiful mothers day :)

Bunnym said..., don't know how I blogged without you. I know it's a hard balancing act but you do it so well and this giveaway is just the icing on the blog cake. You have a wonderful mothers hubby is taking me to the swap meet...


Unknown said...

Deb, I have truly missed you but understand that the little one comes first. I'm glad that you are seeing the benefits of having that special time with her.

Please enter me in the wonderful giveaway.

Buckeroomama said...

The little ones do thrive (in every sense of the word) when we give them our attention. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Simply Suthern said...

The wife quit work when our first was born. She became room mom for all our kids and baby sitter for neighborhood kids. That was 22 years ago. She teaches preschool now 3 days a week. Our little/Last(I hope) one is 7 but I dont think she will ever go back full time.

You are right. The time does fly by. AS you know the benefits extend way beyond her learning.

Happy Mothersday.

Jennifer said...

You rock Momma!!!!!

And how did you know that Clinique was near and dear to my heart! The jewelry is awesome too! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!!

And Happy Mother's Day!!

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

I remember what it was like to have little kids....hang in there..they grow so fast!

ingassho (at)gmail (dot) com

VandyJ said...

Cool giveaway! It's always fun to stop by and see what you have up. Happy Mother's Day!

Yoga with Gaileee said...

This pre-menopausal mom at age 50, with a 4 year old would love to win this giveaway. Love Clinique!

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com


Babes Mami said...

I love Clinique! Happy Mothers Day to YOU!
smartinez03 AT live DOT com

Posh Totty said...

superb giveaway, Happy mothers day Xx

Gia's Spot said...

Wonderful things!!

Stephanie said...

Well aren't you the sweetest!
(and I'm another Mom who is feeling like my kids are taking up all of my blogs time lol)
Happy Mothers Day!
modern mom at rocketmail dot com

Macey said...

I think I HAVE to win this cuz May 13th is my birfday. :)

Susan said...

~Deb~ What a wonderful give-a-way! You are too kind:) I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day also!! You rock! :) ~Susan~

Anonymous said...

Deb, you are so amazingly sweet! (This giveaway is tight yo!) Love your blog, have since my first read! Thank you for thinking of us..aww!

boobiesbabiesandablog AT gmail DOT com

Tracie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

MrsBlogAlot said...

Happy Mother's Day Mama!!!!

gayle said...

Wow how sweet are you!!!! I would love to win!! Thank you for still posting when you have time!! You are doing what is most important..spending time with the most important love of your life..your daughter and doing something else you love in your spare time!! Which I think is making your an awesome mommy.

Retro Girl said...

This is so sweet and generous of you. Happy Mother's Day!!!
Love your blog! Trying to visit more often! :-)

Retrogirl66 AT Gmail Dot Com

Aunt Juicebox said...

You're so sweet! My prize is getting to read your blog. It's one of my favorites, but don't tell the other kids.

Holly Lefevre said...

Beautiful collection of jewelery. You are too kind.

Happy Mothers Day.

I love blogging built really have to find a better balance...My 2.4 year old will be off at school before I know it and I will wonder what the heck happened. Just like I do with the 8.5 year old.

Enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely jewelry set, nice earthy tones. I decided to be creative yesterday and pulled out my beading and made three necklaces, three bracelets, and four pairs of earrings. They are so pretty! Now the question is do I keep them or gift them. Whenever, I make something I have the hardest time parting with it unless I am making it with someone in mind as the recipient. Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your site, great stuff, I'll be back, wishing you a great day.

Dorothy from grammology

Tammy said...

You are awesome! Happy Mother's Day girlfriend! I thought I would try for 2 wins on your! I LOVE my cloths!!! Been using them all this or that. know where to find me...:)

Bev said...

Happy Mother's Day Deb (imagine me saying that to you! lol)
Love you

Linda Medrano said...

Happy Mama's Day! Got something for you! Come on over!

Helene said...

What a wonderful giveaway!!

Hope you're having a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope it was awesome for you and your family. XOXOXOX

Debbie said...

Happy Mother's Day. Great giveaway!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Danielle said...

I read you because you rock!

Kelly said...

Great blog!! Love it!! Your so funny too. WOuld love to win.

Heather said...

Well I'm here cause I enjoy your blog, you are interesting and funny. Beautiful jewelry, someone is going to be very very happy. You are a jem to think of your followers!