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Monday, October 26, 2009

I've Got Me a Girly Girl!

While I was pregnant, I really, really, really wanted a girl. Being 44 at the time, I knew that my chances of having another baby were pretty slim so I had better get my girl the first time.  As it turned out, I was right, less than two years later and I was in full-blown menopause.

Getting back to the pregnancy,  the minute I saw that plus sign on the stick, I started picking out girl's names, buying pretty pink sleepers and outfits, dreaming about baking cookies together, taking her shopping, painting her nails and styling her hair.  Lucky for me, she was born right on time (actually a week early) and was all girl, just what I'd hoped for.

As much as I had been daydreaming about the things we would be doing together, it had never crossed my mind that I would have to figure out how to get her a bra when she was only 3 1/2.

For the last month, she has become obsessed with my bra. She can't wait to look under my shirt to see which one I'm wearing and sometimes has complete meltdowns if I don't put one of mine on her over her shirt. I found that by crossing the shoulder straps in the back before putting her arms through worked fairly well. Of course, I was always worried someone would show up at the door unannounced and wonder what was going on once they saw her playing quietly while sporting my 36B.

I thought this would be a short phase and she would lose interest but two weeks into it, I had to figure out a solution before she started screaming to wear it outside.  Great timing since it was the beginning of Fall and all the clearance racks were full of bathing suits left over from Summer. Figured I had better buy her a couple of two-piece ones and she loves them!  So now when she insists on wearing a bra, I put one of these bathing suit tops under her shirt and that keeps her quiet.

In the meantime, every now and then she still pulls up my shirt or pulls down the zipper on my top to see which bra I'm wearing.  Only thing to worry about now is where we are when she does it!


Kimi said...

There is a little something something for you here

Kimi said...

Email me if you need help putting up the awards :)

Lee said...

My son STILL does that and he is 5. He is obsessed with bras. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing...

Martha said...

LOL, Tara was never into that, in fact she was one of the last of her friends to wear a bra.... she didn't want to be bothered... now she won't be caught dead without on! I knew in my heart from the minute I found out I was pregnant that it was a GIRL!

Mammatalk said...

Well, that's better than wearing it on her head. My daughters like to wear it as a hat.

Thanks for the follow. I'll be following you as well. :+)

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Kimi, you are a sweetheart for giving me those awards and an even BIGGER sweetheart for helping me download them! Thanks a bunch!

OMG Lee, I laughed out loud at your comment. Might be a topic in there for a future post!

Hi Martha, isn't it funny how you just "know" you're going to have a girl. I've heard that from a lot of moms!

Hi Mammatalk, thanks for stopping by. So far my daughter hasn't tried to wear a bra as a hat but that could be because that's where she wears her panties! Thanks for the follow too!

Life Laugh Latte said...

Not sure anyone...including my hubs wants to see my bras. I need that Oprah bra makeover. One day, I will knock him dead with a boatload of crazy bras...but I just like the nude colored comfy ones. My daughter is 11 and would rather die than wear a bra. She actually needs one, but prefers those sports bra types. So cute to hear your story. Come on by for a visit. Holly at

Mama-Face said...

LOL. That is the funniest quirk I have heard of in a child. Darling though. You must have some pretty bras for her to have noticed!!
She sounds adorable. This is just so funny. I wonder what she will do when you go real bra shopping? (which will happen before you know it!)

Good solution.

Anita said...

None of my girls wanted to wear my bras, but I breastfed the three of them. Any brestfeeding moms out there? So you know where I'm going with this. Yes, the girls would practically tear off my clothes, anywhere! The most time breastfeeding was 17 months. By that age, even after weening, there is still an attachment to the breasts and they would just come up and pat and squeeze, have a peek, whatever - until each of them was three or four years old.

I'm glad you have your daughter! And I'm glad she's a girly girl. Looking forward to more stories. :)

Liz Mays said...

You must be wearing very pretty bras. Mine are all dingy, ripped, and full of snags. Try that as an elixir. ;0

Tracie said...

Not to copy Lee but my youngest used to do the same thing with me/my bras. (It's a he.) He called it my patch-patch. I finally had to shut him down.

Connie K said...

lucky for e my son has stopped poaying with my bra that he loved to put on his head when he was little he's 22 now (lol) my 5 year old dont even look at it ! cute story !

Menopausal New Mom said...

Holly thanks for stopping by, yes those sports bras are a great solution! My daughter wants the bells and whistles though of the pretty ones like in the photograph.

Hi Mama Face, yes, I have about five like the pink one in the photo, all different colors, frills and lace, no wonder I'm having trouble with her (and the hubby!)

Hi Anita, I think you have a point there about breast feeding. My daughter moved on to a bottle at 7 months but I bet she still has the memory and attachment. Tearing off your shirt? Tell me about it!

Hi Blueviolet, Good Idea, might just head over to the nearest Thrift Store, that will shock her!

Hi Kys, It must be that breast feeding attachment Anita mentioned if the boys are doing it too! Do I dare ask how you shut him down Lol?

Connie K, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Look like a lot of moms were able to relate!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

this is so super funny. I love it. Please send her to school in a bra. please.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

That's so funny. I remember as a little girl wanting to wear my grandma's bras. So clever of you to buy the two-piece suits for her!


i wanted a little girl too so bad and got a boy

the 2nd pregnancy i wanted another little boy - a brother for my son and got

a girl

that is the most wonderful gift ever and she isn't obsessed with bras yet

JennyMac said...

hahaha....there is none of this in our house..yet. Our son is 2..but he did tell his teacher she had a "big chest"...and there is NO fear he will ever say that to his Mom.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

giggle I could see this happening. Faith would not let me put a dress down.. she wore it when it was 2 sizes to small. I'm following your blog now. I love your sense of humor.

Stephanie said...

LOL Too cute. Thank goodness you are wearing some pretty bras or this would have been an entirely different post!

On a different note I left you an award over at my place. Geesh. Hope you have room!

Anita said...

I don't know how I missed those colorful bras when I first read your post! I'm inspired to go shopping!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Martinis or Diaper Genies - Love your name! Thanks for stopping by, Thank God she hasn't actually insisted on wearing one of these to Early Learning School yet! It's already hard enough to get her out the door on time. Thanks for commenting.

Sitting on the Mood Swing - Your grandma must have had some pretty bras, the ones I remember my grandmother wearing looked like torpedos! Thanks for commenting!

Speaking from the Crib - Congratulations on getting your little girl, some of the best surprises are the ones you didn't know you wanted! Just like getting your baby boy when you thought you wanted your daughter!

Hi JennyMac - Right out of the mouths of babes! I've often thought that teachers should be writing books about the cutest things they've heard from our kids! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

Heartsmakefamilies - Exactly! What a cute name! Yes I can relate to the dress story. My daughter will still try to squeeze herself into the odd sleeper if she finds it. Thanks for commenting and for the follow :)

ModernMom, thanks for stopping by, yes, I do have a few pretty bras although I hate to admit it but I still have my days of not wearing any but ONLY around the house. Too risking outside with her being so curious!

Thank you so much for the award, I'm honored and working on that list of 10 things!

Anita, thanks for stopping by again, Yes, I love those pretty bras but until I do something about my butt, I've been passing on the matching undies Lol!
Now go get shopping and treat yourself!

Charmaine said...

Wow. She's just 3 1/2? I don't have kids so I can't relate.

I AM, however, menopausal. Do I get points for that?

Are you taking hormones? I just quit after a year or so. My hot flashes stopped, but at night...I turn into a furnace. Ug.

Corrie Howe said...

I grew up with brothers and uncles and male cousins. I have two boys. I wanted a girl, but was afraid of having one too.

Then I got my girl. She's not girly girl. I don't know if it's natural, if it's related to me not being a girly girl or if it's because she's growing up with brothers, uncles and male cousins. (We did finally have twin girls born a month ago. My daughter was so excited to relinquish her title of "only granddaughter" for both sides of the family.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Charmaine, thanks for stopping by! Yes, around here you get BIG points for being menopausal! No, I don't take any hormones but nearly ran to my Dr. last summer to beg for them. I was burning up like a meteorite. In the last few months they have nearly stopped so I'm hoping I can ride it out without them.

Thanks for stopping by, I checked out your blog and will be following!

Hi Corrie, Wow! Quite a family of boys, no wonder she isn't into bras and girly things. Maybe with the addition of two little girls in the family, she will start to explore her inner girly, girl!

Thanks for stopping by!

Expat Barbie said...

hello -
i just found your blog via stir-fry awesomeness, and you're great :)

my daughter is going through a similar phase, but she is only 17 months old. (i think her fascination has more to do with my nipples than the scraps of lace i have COVERING them.)

my advice to you is to make sure you're wearing the sexiest bras imaginable so that when she DOES pull your shirt up in public, you'll be proud!

Anonymous said...

OMG too cute! My little one walks around constantly putting her hands in my bra and looking down my shirt at them. she even tries them on if she can find them. I just love having a little girly girl!

Buckeroomama said...

I wished for a girly girl, too, but beyond her love for the color purple and loving ballerinas, mine's actually more of a tomboy sometimes. :)

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Crazy Baby Mama, that's great advice about wearing the prettiest bras around, trouble is, there are many a day I don't wear one at all!

Hi Love to Shop Mom, Definitely a girly, girl. The latest phase for my 3 1/2 year old is wanting to wear my lipstick and high heels. What's next, driving my car?

Hi Buckeroomama, thanks for stopping by, as much as mine is a girly, girl, she does tomboy stuff with her dad. I'm just glad she likes the girly stuff with me more :)