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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coming Into Focus!

Recapping the second year.

So that first year breezed by so quickly in spite of being up nearly around the clock. Lots of feedings, diapers and spit up!  You know, I hardly felt a twinge of nausea during my pregnancy but boy did she make up for it once she arrived!  I am still wiping dried puddles of spit up off floors, walls, furniture, you name it. So much during the first year that I gave up and wore sleepers on her full time. Dress her in a nice outfit?? Why bother - it was ruined within five minutes of putting it on her. I remember going to get photos done and admiring the sweet little frilly dresses the other newborns were wearing, so clean and sweet smelling. Not mine! Spit up everywhere and sour LoL! She was a year old before I could get a professional photo done of her in anything but a sleeper!

The other major challenge I faced for those first two years was taking her anywhere. So many times I would dress her, somehow find the energy to get dressed myself and try to go out. But once she was strapped into the car seat, the screaming and hysteria would begin. So much that I would go over and over the straps, were they too tight, were they digging into her back, her front, her shoulders, her neck, anywhere??? Could she possibly be uncomfortable in a chair that looked so plush and luxurious it would put a Lazy-boy recliner to shame??  It didn't matter what I did, she would get so hysterical before I even backed out of the driveway, you would think she was sitting on a bed of nails! We couldn't take her anywhere more than a few miles from home and even then, it was exhausting to listen to her scream nonstop. How can such a tiny being make so much noise for such a long period of time??  I was afraid the cops would pull me over to see what I was doing to her! I had never heard of this. Everyone I spoke to had used their car seat to put their little ones to sleep. Mine sleep in the car?.. NO CHANCE!!! 

So on top of all the challenges of spending twenty four hours every day looking after our baby, my husband changed jobs and we moved. As if moving alone wasn't enough, we ended up renting a house for 10 months while we completely renovated an old historic home! Talk about have your hands full. We didn't use an architect, we did all the design ourselves with the help of a very good contractor. If you think adjusting to a new baby can test a marriage, try throwing in a home renovation and moving twice within a year on top LOL! Somehow we ended up with a home that we love with our marriage still intact! And yes, the baby is doing fine too!

So again, all through that second year of moving, renovating, hardly sleeping and trying to manage a somewhat normal environment for the baby, I must have been going through menopause! Do you think I noticed anything unusual?? When would that be LOL!!  

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