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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Photos As Promised!

Those of you who have been following along know I've been slowly working on a bedroom makeover for our 5-year-old daughter.  You can see what I started with HERE.  With the installation of her new area rug on Thursday, it's time to start snapping some photos:

This is her Queen bed on the right as you enter her room.

The solid oak headboard has been sprayed white, the black lampshade has been covered with a sheer roses fabric (click here to see how I did it), I finally found a coordinating fabric for her bed skirt, the textured toss pillows are from a fabric store (40% off), her bedside table (50% off ) is a cute find from a local design shop and has a mirrored top, the crystal table clock was $8 at a flea market, the folded chenille bedspread (I collect these) on the end of the bed adds texture, the vintage pink chenille mat (second-hand store cheap!) adds color.  The tall acrylic lamp was a steal with more than 50% off at $38.

This is what you see when you look to the left as you enter her room

The big cozy genuine leather recliner was an incredible deal at 75% off and is big enough for my daughter and I to sit in together when reading.  The solid wood round table to the left retails for $200 but I found it in our local classifieds for only $50, the chandelier lamp behind the chair was dressed up with some hot pink ribbon and we already had the bright oil painting.

As you move across the room, this is what you see

The bright and cheerful sun over the fireplace was purchased for $25 at a local flea market and customized by my daughter HERE.  The fireplace front was given a face lift with end-of-stock marble tile HERE.  The rocking horse was made by my dad so I knew it had to find a home in her bedroom while the accessories on her mantle and shelves were either part of her old room or purchased at our local dollar mart.

Moving along the front wall, here is what you see as well as that nice water view!

The vintage Queen Anne chairs were given a makeover HERE, the coat tree now holding lots of dress-up accessories was found for only $20 HERE and the drapes were custom made HERE.  The pretty Disney clock between her windows was purchased at our local dollar mart and I added the ribbon and bow as well as the pink ribbon around her desk lamp.  This heavy chrome desk lamp was found at a second-hand shop for $8 and has three pen/pencil holders.  

This shows it together

As you continue to look to the right across the front of her room, this is what you see

The wood rad covers where custom built (thanks dad!!) so this one holds her stereo while the other adds more space to her desk top.  Beside it is her drum and then her high dresser.  The colorful painting above the dresser we already had and is from the same series as the other painting beside her big chair.  A few teddy bears, a hit of pink and a small piece of crystal and her dresser top is done.   And the biggest splurge of all was replacing her "bossy" Persian Rug with this luxuriously soft neutral HERE (I thought it was $750 but it came in under at $650)

Overall, the goal here was to do it on a budget by using lots of what we already had and special ordering only what was necessary.  I watched for deep discounts on new items and added accessories that were either second hand or found for less than $2.  A little imagination and this is what I ended up with.

There is still one more item to add and that's a chalkboard I've been making for the closet side of her headboard.  I'm waiting for about $5 of ribbon to finish it so I will post once it's done. 

Overall, by using regular scale furniture, I've created a bedroom suitable for a 5-year-old where only the accessories will need to be changed as she gets older.  For now, I've left the center of the room open for play but once she's older, I can see trading out the big recliner for a beautiful Chaise Lounge!
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Simply Suthern said...

That is so cute.

It looks like a little Ladies room.

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

This is such a wonderful bedroom. YOu did an amazaing job.


Theresa said...

Great job!! It is great for now and with a few minor adjustments here and there she can still use most of the things as she get older.

Lisa R said...

Wow...absolutely amazing....this room is fit for a queen....awesome job....she must love it and you should be very proud of yourself :)

Sibabe64 @ ptd dot net

Tammy said...

It looks great Deb! It is grown up but with the little girl still there. Love are a great mom for doing this. Does she love it?

Anita said...

It's beautiful! I love how eclectic it is, yet it all matches. You are quite a talent. I believe your daughter will inherit your "eye" and your appreciation for attractive, warm, and peaceful surroundings.

Good Job!

Katherines Corner said...

such a sweet room, fir for a princess. P.S> thank you for joining in the blog hop fun :-)

Sandy said...

Just Lovely!!